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    Madoca's Pick-up Truck

    Perfect - thank you for your quick replies, it is exactly the part I am looking for. No idea why I missed this category when looking for that part on Brickset - probably too late and too many parts and still exhausted from the holidays. ;-)
  2. Hope it is ok to review this old thread. Have build this MOC a while ago and found it fun but very difficult to steer. When the servo motor became available, I have replaced the M motor with the servo motor. This has been a bit of a challenge because the car is very compact because there was not much space for the larger servo motor and because I did not want to significantly change the way the mini crawler looks. With this modification, it is amazing - 4WD, two gears, RTC steering, all in a tiny nice looking package. Thanks for sharing this, ghostever!
  3. Hello, my apologies for bugging you with a part identification in my first posting here. I am preparing for building Madoca's Pickup Truck according to his instructions shown here: https://plus.google....partnerid=gplp0 I am having trouble to identify the part in the lower left corner of this image: https://plus.google....167471864977943 You can see how Madoca is using it in this image: https://plus.google....167471864977943 In case that the wording of my question is obfuscated, I have attached relevant parts of the two images referenced above. Please help me to identify that that. I have build a number of Lego sets and MOCs but I am entirely lost with this part. Thank you in advance! Cheers, Holgi