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  1. Is that a new Ventress at Dementor/Snape/Grindelwald picture?
  2. adam1210leg

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    In February, in LEGO NYTF promo text we had rumor about Aquaman movie sets? Is something changed? Does any of useres knows about this sets? Are they going to happen?
  3. What site? Mord tips, guys
  4. So, this set cost 970 zł 20$ LEGO sets cost in Poland 130 zł.
  5. Yes, a kid found it in Lego Store and post photo on our national facebook group.
  6. Y-Wing found at Lego Store in Poland: - Link Removed -
  7. Please everyone, be moral and don't publish this sets.
  8. My amazing detective. Do it. We can save the photos on our computers.
  9. What about Phasma set, Store Detective?
  10. Please, any leaker- give us new info!!!