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  1. AGarcia

    [GBC] Bling Color Sorter

    Wonderfull module!
  2. AGarcia

    GBC General Discussion

    Thanks! I already looked to that situation, but didnt fix before the video. Refering to the instruction, just two notes: - in page 12 you missed one plate 1x4 DBG; - In page 34 you forgot to mention: "5x 10L";
  3. AGarcia

    GBC General Discussion

    Hello! Here's is my version: Thanks Berthil
  4. AGarcia

    [MOC] - Train Layout

    This layout has 8x2 baseplates 48x48.
  5. AGarcia

    [MOC] - Train Layout

    Thank you all. :) No, its from set 3677 with little modification.
  6. AGarcia

    [MOC] - Train Layout

    Hello! Here is my train layout that was on display last month in Porto (Portugal), ExponorBRInCKa 2015. General view: The station and the goods store: Silos: Some more photos:
  7. AGarcia

    Need some help on a new Layout

    Hello! Maybe you can use something like this: You have two independent circuits, so you can run two trains at the same time. The Bluebrick file is here. Happy New Year. AGarcia