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  1. legoguy1984

    Forum Upgrade

    Firstly thanks for everything you guys are doing, and second a query, is it possible to make the pages viewable offline? I sometimes load tabs when I have wi-fi to read later but noticed they all reverted to a please reload page when trying to view them later. I did wait for them to load up when opening initially. I am not sure this is even possible, I couldn't even begin to understand what goes on behind the scenes.
  2. Thanks for sharing Grum, you are an inspiration and a lesson that nothing is too difficult if you put your mind to it. Your pictures are brilliant and I wouldn't worry about your quality, I've seen so much worse in reviews and as I don't build technic (yet) your builds give me a sense of what I'm actually missing out on.
  3. Thanks for the great review Whitefang. No release is complete without it. Please don't ever stop.
  4. legoguy1984

    First LUG on the African continent

    They are known as ZALug. Based in Gauteng. Still operational. search Facebook.
  5. legoguy1984

    Car Robbery

    Well done and answers the question of how the minifigs get in and out of cars without doors.
  6. legoguy1984

    End of Lego

    As long as they keep evolving Lego should never die. Just remember they started making wooden furniture(?) before making wooden toys and then moved onto plastic.
  7. I don't think there being 20 figures or it being licensed should alter the price. The price went up with Simpsons due to licensing and then stayed the same for regular figs. Unless DC are charging more for the licensing it shouldn't change anything and even then I don't understand it as Lego already has the liscence.
  8. I never venture into the Technic side of the forum but what an awesome car. Seeing the video really makes me wish that Lego would do something like this so non-technic people could also get one.
  9. legoguy1984

    LEGO Disney minifgures series 2 List Rumors

    Wasnt Sorry, wasn't the sports line a false rumour? I saw something to that effect in that thread which is now locked.
  10. legoguy1984

    [MOC] My little Pocket Park

    It's a nice little park but the photos are all so close. I'd like to see an overall shot if you have one. Ii really like the bike that is locked up.
  11. legoguy1984


    This is not only my favourite real life Batmobile but your version is now my favoirite Lego version too. Awsome job nailing it.
  12. Thanks for sharing your awesome road trip and letting me see bits of of other countries. Can't wait to see what you got.
  13. legoguy1984

    How Do You Budget LEGO?

    Decide what you are willing to spend, then decide how much above that you are willing to go while still being able to afford all that you need. As a married fan with a non fan wife my quick answer is: very carefully.
  14. Awesome truck. Love the detail you built into it.
  15. legoguy1984

    LEGO UFO Appreciation.

    I remember buying one small set for the parts but on the whole it was never my thing. Years later I bought a mixed lot and got an alien minifigure, was very happy to add him to my collection.