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  1. Union Pacific Big Boy # 4014

    It's made for running! I have no idea on standard curves but it handles regular switches without a problem. My curves are the ME models 104 radius.
  2. Union Pacific Big Boy # 4014

    I think you may be right... Yes - Lately I've done a Berkshire 2-8-4 Polar Express that I don't think I've posted here. I'm also going to do UP 3985 eventually.
  3. Union Pacific Big Boy # 4014

    Since I upgraded the drivers on my Union Pacific 844 to Shupp's 80" boxpok from Shapeways (I was using Big Ben Bricks XL) - I wanted to upgrade the Big Boy's drivers from LEGO's large driver to BBB XL so it would be more in scale to a 68" driver. It stretched the engine by about 9 studs and came out looking really good. Lego Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy version 2.0 by Nate Flood, on Flickr Lego Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy version 2.0 by Nate Flood, on Flickr
  4. Ray's Music Exchange MOC

    I had quite a few people message me on Facebook page Ray's asking me to throw it up on Ideas. I thought what the heck let's see what happens.
  5. Ray's Music Exchange MOC

    Thank you! Yes - when Greg sent me the final copy of the mural - my jaw hit the floor and knew this MOC could be really really cool...
  6. Ray's Music Exchange MOC

    "I'll throw in the black keys for free" Ray's Music Exchange in Calumet City, Illinois has the best electric piano in the city of Chicago. It can be yours for the low price of $2000 bucks and you could take it home with you and Ray will throw in the black keys for free. The Blues Brothers has stood the test of time as it's one of the most entertaining movies filled with great music including the late great Ray Charles. Ray's includes a fully stocked showroom with guitars, amps, mics, tv's, and toasters. Don't mind the bullet holes next to the guitar hanging on the wall - it breaks everyone's hearts when a boy that young goes bad. Although some say the best piano in the city of Chicago has no action left in the keyboard; Ray disagreed and the patrons break out into a spirited rendition of the classic Shake A Tail Feather. When I set out to build Ray's Music Exchange it had to have the mural of the great blue's legends but with a LEGO flair. One artist that I knew possessed the skills and quality required is the incredibly talented Greg Hyland ( I knew Greg from attending Brickworld in Chicago over the years and when I emailed him with my vision - he was instantly on board and he didn't disappoint. The mural was spot on and was everything that I had hoped. The next step was printing Greg's art onto the brick. I didn't want to use a sticker or decal - it needed to be printed so the colors would shine. I had long been a fan of Terry Akuna's printing on LEGO and he was also excited for the project and took extra time to get it perfect printed onto the bricks. ({"showHomeItems":1}) Finally my 14 year old daughter had become a pro at cutting vinyl and was able to reproduce Ray's signs with her expert font and lettering skills. She has been able to reproduce my LUG's logo for car window decals, coffee cups, shirts, and new lettering on my steam engines. To finish it off; the building was lit with lifelites. If you are unfamiliar with The Blues Brothers - stop reading this and go watch Jake and Elwood try and get the band back together! Rays9 by Nate Flood, on Flickr Rays13 by Nate Flood, on Flickr Rays2 by Nate Flood, on Flickr Rays14 by Nate Flood, on Flickr
  7. 650 Ton Coaling Bunker

    Thank you. The #3985 is on my to do list. But like with Union Pacific - it's near the bottom of my list. lol...okay. Thank you. I hope that was sarcasm because I am not "master of photography". It's one of my weaknesses but I'm trying to get better.
  8. 650 Ton Coaling Bunker

    Here is my 650 Ton Coaling Bunker. Similar styles littered the plains back in the steam age and this one is modeled after the one in Cheyenne Wyoming. My Big Boy 4014 and Northern 844 are rolling in to grab some coal.. 650 Ton Coaling Bunker by Nate Flood, on Flickr 650 Ton Coaling Bunker by Nate Flood, on Flickr
  9. Pretty sure RLUG members aren't supposed to be posting this on any forums or social media until April 30th. Unfortunately it puts the member's RLUG in danger of losing all the support from LEGO.
  10. New LEGO Train Magazine - A Proposal

    The community needs a train magazine. Railbricks' ending left a void in my life that hasn't be fulfilled. So without a doubt I would subscribe to a new LEGO Railroader Magazine; I'd pay a premium price for a digital/print edition although it seems the world is heading towards a digital only - I still love having issues on my bookshelf. Do not include this with BLOCKS or others that are already on the market. I feel there is plenty of interest from the community to sustain its own mag. I wouldn't be interested in advertising but I know two local bricklink stores in my city who would if the price was affordable but I would help with whatever I could in terms of writing, pictures, etc. I think a LEGO Railroad magazine is more appealing to AFOL's than what was described. Granted LEGO doesn't put out many decent train sets but my LUG has turned down 3 events so far in 2016 when we were asked if we had a railroad layout to display. We could have laid down track in a circle but we would have embarrassed ourselves so we are positioning ourselves to develop a true layout - ala PennLUG or NILTC. A magazine would be an outstanding resource for trains fans across the globe and new ones as I refer back to old Railbricks mags to get inspiration or to figure out a better way to ballast track. At most conventions that I've attended the public is gathered around the large railroad layouts and I think the popularity will continue as more afols join the cult. I agree with what was said reference broadening the content - I would also suggest building your own layout tables with designs. It seems many of the large groups who do this have different variety's and it would be nice to have an easy reference. Lighting your MOC's is always a great topic especially when two companies Lifelites and Brickstuff are so big in the community. Thank you for even thinking about moving forward with this ideal. There have been many great suggestions and I hope this comes to fruition.
  11. Ever since my 844 was built I decided to build a Big Boy 4-8-8-4 and when the UP brought 4014 back online - I knew she was the one. Powered by power functions she can handle ME Models R104 track with ease. It can't do regular Lego curves; I had no intention of doing it as I wanted to pile as much detail as I could into her. With the tender she comes in at 102 studs long. A comparison next to my 844 is included. It helped having an actual Big Boy down the road to take my tape measure and to climb around on at the Lauritzen Gardens…. Lego Union Pacific Big Boy # 4014 DSCLego Union Pacific Big Boy # 401402694 Lego Union Pacific Big Boy # 4014
  12. MOC: World War 2 Saint Nazaire version 2.5

    It's the Louis Joubert Lock - also known as the Normandie Dock. It was the target of the Allies in the Greatest Raid of All Time which much have been written about. The canal with locks is the entrance to the Bassin of Saint Nazaire and will be moved to the left as the layout expands. The floodgate next to the Schnellboot lead to the Atlantic while the other floodgate lead to the Bassin of Penhoet. It was rebuilt at the end of WW2 and still functions today. There are quite a few books about the subject but very little with photos of old town. The power station survived which is under construction in Lego form as well as Old Mole....also a rather large concrete structure. I have collected quite a few photos of u-boats in and around the port from World War 2 as source material.
  13. I'm ready for some Brickmania World War Brick - Minneapolis!

  14. My dry dock has expanded over the past 5 years and recently I've added custom tables which included a complete rehab of the dock itself. The new version includes the canal that runs along the back side with locks. The buildings, which used to be halves, are now full sized. A new fuel depot has been added at the far side. The space between the dry dock and the buildings has been expanded so everything isn't as cramped. This will be on display at World War Brick - Minneapolis in June along with my B-24 Liberator and the U-505. saint nazaire 4 saint nazaire 2 saint nazaire 1 saint nazaire 5 saint nazaire 3 saint nazaire 9 saint nazaire 8 saint nazaire 6
  15. No video but good idea. I don't have enough track to do the grand curves and form a complete circuit but I could do a small one with a half train or so.. It runs on the grand curves but not the standard lego curves. The cars could handle it with a slight mod on the couplers.As far as cost - surprisingly it wasn't bad. It was nice that the PAB wall had 1x6 yellows and the clear panel windows. The bulk of the costs were the 1x3 grey curve slopes and the clear macaroni.