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  1. officialnathanbanks

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I really want a UCS Jabba's Palace. I know it caused problems for them last time, but having all the exclusive minifigures for the palace would be amazing. Maybe even a new reprint of Jabba himself?
  2. Not sure if many of you are aware of the situation with Star Wars action figures, but Hasbro haven't produced a proper figure line for Rise of Skywalker since it's release. Many are claiming it's due to bad sales of previous waves and so on. Toy Fair at the moment isn't looking promising for the current lines they have either and allegedly, the figure lines are looking to be in a sales review heading into 2020 to see if they can continue. Their normal line has died; the Vintage Collection line contract is up this year also. They have the black series, but I do believe if they don't make a large sum for Disney, they'll pull the plug on Hasbro entirely. So with that in mind; it got me thinking about Lego Star Wars. I know we have't had a CMF because Hasbro are little shakey when it comes to Lego (competition, much?). It's been heavily hinted that Hasbro soon wag their finger at Lego if they produce too many figures. Not sure if someone can confirm this...but I'm sure I heard that Hasbro had a few harsh words about polybags which contained Star Wars themed minifigures? Help me out if I'm hallucinating that one. But with Hasbro likely to be running out of steam with the Star Wars figures; it's obvious that Lego Star Wars is essentially one of the most successful lines TLG has going. I can't see any reason why they wouldn't be able to take advantage of Hasbro's failings by introducing Lego Star Wars' first CMF wave? What do you guys think? It's more likely now than it ever has seemed before, surely?
  3. officialnathanbanks

    Disney Princesses 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sweet! After viewing the cinderella images, I think the set looks like it's based in Lady Tremaine's Manor than the actual castle. Anyone else seeing that? Comes with the two mice as well...