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  1. So the summer City wave has finally hit retail in my neck of the woods, and as I've really been looking forward to the Space subline I treated myself to the Lunar Station. It's the most interesting of the sub-$100 sets for me - Lego has done tons of space shuttles and a few rovers over the years, but to my memory and flaky attempt at Google searching, they've never done a quasi-realistic space station. At the toy-ified scale it is, I think it works quite well! Granted, the price-to-part level isn't all that great, but I shudder to think of how much this would have cost if they hadn't used the big hull pieces. And really, it turns out fine - the play pattern with the interchangable modules works well, everything is pretty sturdy, and the whole thing just looks right to me. I did spot one non-specific part that is completely new to me, the 1x1x2 double-headlight; plus of course the Space theme rock pieces and big docking-port octagons. The latter do make me scratch my head a little, as they created a specialized part for a function that could have been replicated by standard System and Technic parts. But I suppose if it would have been less sturdy or shaped oddly, it's worth the specialized piece. As far as the structure itself, it's a little cramped (which is oddly realistic, all things considered), but the hints at the science labs, sleeping quarters, airlock...it's all good. There are enough details to make it Good Enough, especially considering the age range City is intended for these days instead of more detail-minded (obssessed?) adult collectors. The build looks pretty good from all angles, so you could hang it up as a space station or plant is as a surface outpost. The small play features are hardly intrusive, and even the bits that stick out don't really look out of place - the button for the Pizza Accident and the butt of the light brick just look like greebles and equipment. Aside from the main structure, I really appreciate the inclusion of the little shuttleplane. It links into the 'docking' play pattern, is a decent little build on its own (I could see it having gone separately for like $8 in years past, and actually docks unlike this year's $10 set), has a tiny bit of cargo space that unfortunately the robot doesn't fit in, and is eminently swooshable. Four minifigures plus the bitty robot isn't bad in the grand scheme of things, and the costume variety is fine, really. Mix and match heads to suits with no problem. One other little thing, the reviews I watched didn't catch the easter egg in the Geology module - your video call is from a Dr. Ogel. The old Aquaraider villain apparently retired in peace and his family line continues in the business of science! On the whole, if you're on the fence about this set or theme, $60 is a little pricey. If you're into it though, I think it's worth the splurge. Not sure what I'll grab next now that I got my "new and shiny" out of the way, maybe the R&D People or the big rover. I'm keeping an eye out for the satellite polybag too, but my local retail is...bad for those. Walmart is drowning in Lego Movie 2 polys, and Target is still overflowing with leftover Milanos and Christmas Trains. As far as wishlisting, while I never double-dip on a single set, if they did a different station/outpost/thing with modules that just happen to match up, well...
  2. Ceir

    Minecraft 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Finally caught the new photos, and I have to say I'm liking most of what I've seen. I've gotten a few of the Minecraft sets despite not actually playing the game (the design and aethetic are in my niche for sure), but it's been pretty hit or miss for me in terms of sets - this is looking like a couple of good hits! The "battlepack" sized sets are something I didn't realize I thought the line needed until just now, but it really does - I think the Brickshow video made a couple good points about this season getting into the groove with printed parts and characters over structures and basic cubes. At the very least, I'm strongly eyeballing the Melon Farm and Nether Fight; maybe the Nether Portal as well, since that also integrates with the Nether Railway without any tweaking.
  3. Ceir

    21314 - LEGO® TRON: Legacy

    Oh, very much keeping an eye on this. Years ago when the Disney stuff started popping up, I remember jotting down notes for my ideas on a Tron theme...might have to dig those up.
  4. Ceir

    [MOC] Disney Parks Rides and Vehicles

    A bit late, but really loving the TWA rocket - she's a real classy bird! What's the internal framework look like?
  5. Ceir

    CREATOR 2017

    Picker up the Robo Explorer today, first Creator set in ages. Couldn't resist the cute little robot and its pet rock. As parts go, nothing too special, except that I didn't have a lot of the powder blue going around; and this is my first set with the link tread - boy, I can see that being annoying for bigger models. Only the second light brick in my collection too, though I don't remember the Alien Conquest ones being so bright. The robo-critter alternate builds are cute enough, but I picked this one for the primary, and so far it makes a great desk toy just out of the box. Slippery or no, the claw arm can hold a surprising amount of stuff (and a couple of, say, dental rubber bands would fix the grip problem), and there's enough posability to be worth messing with. I certainly haven't stopped. Only think I'm thinking about tinkering with is rebuilding the forehead a bit to give it antenna eyebrows or somesuch. Yeah, definitely recommend this one if you want a set to just putter around with.
  6. Wasn't sure whether to drop thise separately or in the general Help thread, but FYI - There's a pretty big issue with the Licensed Tower index ( http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/111674-the-licensed-tower-a-place-to-find-all-of-the-vital-licensed-topics/ ) - every link in it just loops back to the same thread, and since it's locked I couldn't drop the comment there.
  7. Ceir

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Catching up a bit, but dang if the Dragon's Forge isn't pretty nifty! I posted in the 2016 thread about architecture-based sets, and I might just jump on this one. The building is quite nice, I actually really like the dragon this time around, and even the snake guys aren't too bad. Interesting use of bigfig arms on the snake construct - I don't think I've seen Lego add those parts to an otherwise brickbuilt model before. Idle question for the OP - why are the hollow-stud 1x1s 'Apollo studs'?
  8. ...huh. The exo-suits are surprisingly interesting. I'm not sure what I ws expecting per se, but I rather like how they've differentiated very similar builds.
  9. Ceir

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    Been rotating my displays, and dug up my bag of Ninjago stuff. I haven't bought any in -ages-, probably since the first year or two, and only have a few of the smallest sets. Thinking about picking up like one set to add parts from - but with a specific thought in mind. Any recent small-to-medium sets that people would recommend purely for architecture over gimmick? That is, more Ninja and less Go, as it were? I'm looking at things like Tiger Widow Island and the Airjitzu Battle Arena, stripping out the gimmicks and just using the building builds. Also hoping to find the Training Dojo polybag at some point...
  10. Interesting! I actually own a couple of the action figures, and have Vader on the way; I really dig the mashup aesthetic. Too bad there's no real way to stylize the Stormtrooper helmets in Lego here...a thought though - your Vader might look good with the bottom piece of the 2015 Vader helmet from the DeathStar Final Duel set added in, if it's available to you.
  11. Ceir

    [MOC] Star Trek Federation Oberth class

    Neatly done - movie-era Feds are some of my favourite designs, and any Star Trek ship build deserves a few accolades regardless. I've always found Trekverse ships so hard to do in Lego because the majority of them are of the 'rounded parts on sticks' style. Re. the Oberth in TNG, yeah, it was kind of the designated victim-of-the-week ship...
  12. Ceir

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Not much has been grabbing me this season, but weirdly the City Airport stuff is a bit of an exception - at least, the cargo plane and mail helo (the latter of which J2G posted a video on earlier today) look small and nifty enough to check out. I haven't actually picked up anything in the way of City since the Arctic subtheme, but I've never really done the airport stuff before at all - the biggest modern aircraft set I've built was the 2010 Space Shuttle. While i'm undecided at best on the bigger sets, these two look like they'd be a good start, and the next-closest is the business jet. The skyvan-style cargo plane is definitely not a bad build for the pricepoint, and based on the photos and video looks like it has a fair bit of actual cargo space for its size (compated to other recent 'cargo planes'). Do have to wonder why the tail boom is connected with hinges; I can't see a mechanical reason for it with the back ramp. Although the starter set with the mail chopper is pretty basic to say the least, I somehow dig the simplicity. The only thing that kinda throws me is the use of the 2-wide plate for the tail boom - feels clunky. Is that a thing with small Lego helis these days?
  13. Ceir

    [MOC] Micro vehicles

    Nifty. Some of those are very lightcycle-esque!
  14. Ceir

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Late, I know, and not fishing back through the thread to quote posts; but from what little we've seen of the spaceport sets, I'm definitely interested. Things look like they'll mesh well with the 2011/12 spaceport line, particularly the shuttle crawler. And I'm definitely looking forward to having a small fleet of shuttles! From the pics we've seen, it looks like the one on the crawler is similar, but not quite identical to the 2011/12 shuttle - the wing construction is almost the same, but the OMS engines look like they're at an angle. Further, the smaller 'utility shuttle' looks like it uses the same nose piece - I think that's a good sign. 1H15's City sets didn't really grab me - but bring on 2H!
  15. Ceir

    2015 Mixels Discussion

    Digging the Orbitons! After the first wave, I've definitely been cherry-picking the 'interesting' tribes, and these guys hit all the right buttons for me. And the name puns, egads...