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    Review: 8129 AT-AT

    People say it's kinda sturdy, is that true?
  2. SWfanny

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I cannot wait for them. The price is getting higher, usually in the spring to summer( before) sets, 79.99 CAD is the highest, but now 109.99 CAD, I cannot imagine what's the highest in the summer...
  3. SWfanny

    In Depth SW Rogue Shadow Review

    The rogue shadow looks, awesome... Great review *vader* ! Too bad juno eclipse doesn't get a seat...
  4. SWfanny

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Mmmm...Should I save the money for the T-6 shuttle or should I buy the Juggernut? Anyone have any ideas? The turbo tank was too expensive... I think! I was always planning to get a set that can be used in the future, beyond clone wars, and gets to be used really often. BTW the clone trooper BP looks great.
  5. SWfanny

    Review: 8128 Cad Bane's Speeder

    One thing I never ever ever can except is the TLC's Star Wars flick fire things! They often turn stuff into flick firing things! Like the headlights, the AAT's guns...... Nice review! Oh BTW, the price is really unacceptable!
  6. SWfanny


    I love it so much! Seriously, it looks really awesome, the turret is well detailed , I love it
  7. SWfanny

    KielDaMan's JSF Collection

    Great MOCs Yeah, I agree!I can't Understand why TLG made it blue instead of dark blue, dark blue will be way more attractive though! And if it was dark blue, people like me would buy it for the dark blue bricks!
  8. SWfanny

    Review: 8403 Family Home

    NICCCCCCCCCCCCCE review though Rufus Just saying, but this set is too easy to build and the pieces are not too much... NOT GOING TO BUY if the minifigs were old to me! of course, it is a great hit if the building was not single sided! That is why a really like Creator structures.Although it is not bad for me to make SM animations!
  9. SWfanny

    LDD Design Contest Entries

    Hi guys! I am new! This is my first post (I think) on Eurobricks. Title: Plo-koon survived This is based on one of the pictures I’ve looked on google, and I am only going for LDD entries, also, this post is a Tribute to our fallen Jedi hero. Here is another link to 2 more pictures of this topic. Hope you like it!