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  1. PiotrekJ

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    So does anybody have any info when Saturn will be available again?
  2. Well, it all started again when I found my old Legos in the attic and decided to put it all together, but the first new set was Unimog for my birthday in 2013. As I couldn't decide between 8110 and 42009, later I bought 42009 for Christmas (nice present for myself) and I was hooked. It would be easier on my wallet if I quit again but it doesn't look like it anytime soon.
  3. PiotrekJ

    Bloody ebay

    Just my two cents. Almost all of the old sets I have I bought on German eBay - due to absurd prices in Poland. And I never had a negative experience, although it is common that the sets often lack a few parts (for example 8480 was missing parts for submarine model). That's no problem for me, as I buy sets cheaply and then count the pieces and if I need, order parts from Bricklink. Also, some sets which were described as probably incomplete, were actually complete and even with a few of some other parts thrown in. And guess what - both sets I bought on Bricklink, which were advertised as complete, in reality they weren't. Although 8485 was missing only that steering arm in the neck of Dinosaur, 8868 had almost no pneumatic hoses so I couldn't even build it until I bought some hoses for making wine or something, and additionally I waited for over a month for seller to send it to me. So for me eBay > Bricklink, I prefer to buy relatively cheaply and expect set not to be complete and have nice surprises. Well, let's hope I didn't jinx my luck for sharing that :)
  4. PiotrekJ

    Hello from Poland!

    Hello, my name is Piotr and I live in Poland. I've been a long time lurker in this forum but I think it's time to start doing something at last. I'm 27 years old and I played with Lego Technic since I was six - my first model was, I think, 8815 Go-cart, alas, I could only dream about big models as 8868 or 8872 and then 8880. Lego hobby somehow died around 1998-1999, as models lost their charm to me, probably due to studless construction and life was somewhat changing (girls and whatnot :). My dark ages lasted until 2013 when I found my old Legos in the attic and decided to build my old sets (many many parts were missing) then I found out Bricklink... I liked it so much that later I decided to buy Unimog and I was back. I started collecting old sets I always wanted to have and somehow got used to new studless models which in the beginning were a lilttle strange to me. To tell you the truth I'm still somehow ashamed of my hobby, as most people say "stop playing with your toys and start a family already". So I keep it secret (my girlfriend warns me that I can't tell her parents about it!). So now I'm slowly collecting more and more sets as I also have a second hobby - old radios which also is costly, although cheaper than Lego :) . You can see my collection here: http://www.radiomuse...jachymczyk.html Regards Piotr :)
  5. PiotrekJ

    Shuttle 8480 (original 1996)

    Hello, I'm new here, but I'll try to help. It seems to me that you're expecting those knobs to turn on the battery box. That's not the case here, you must turn on the battery box manually and then put it inside the shuttle. By turning the knobs in both directions you change voltage polarity and you don't have to use battery box switch for this. Regards PJ