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  3. Mark275

    [MOC] Crawler 4x4

    Great MOC! Can you show us some pictures from the underside?
  4. Mark275

    Kenworth K100 Daycab

    Looks very promising . I wonder if you could show us more pictures of the rear axle, because the way you connected it to the chassis looks very interesting to me . Btw I like you motto, to bad it ain't a DAF then
  5. Mark275

    Lego working warning lights

    Cool idea, never even thought of such a solution
  6. Mark275

    [WIP] Mini Ural 4320 6x6

    Great chassis! I look forward seeing more
  7. Mark275

    Mobile crane in retro style

    Awesome model, I love it! :wub: (get well soon!)
  8. Mark275

    [TC6] Dump Bed Pickup Truck

    Great work getting all those functions in such a small space!
  9. Mark275

    [MOC] LEGO Technic G500 AWD SUV

    Great Work! Love it :)
  10. Mark275

    [HELP] Compact Subtractor

    If i'm not mistaken: There's no need for a switch, he could also flip the tan gear on one of the sides and it would also work?
  11. Mark275

    [TC6] M4A3E8 Sherman Tank

    It's under the white plate, and can slide out the back :)
  12. Mark275

    [TC6] M4A3E8 Sherman Tank

    Rebuild the hull with the other wheels (and worked on some aesthetics for the suspension). The tracks are a bit lower now, because at first they were to high. and there a bit longer because of the bigger wheels. And worked on the turret rotation system and the gun elevation system.
  13. I don't know why I love it so much, but I just do :wub: . The colours, the shaping: it's just gorgeous, brilliant, wonderful and magnificent!
  14. Most of the time I'm only interested in a particular solution they used in their MOC. So I can learn from that solution and use that knowledge in my own MOC's. When your only interested in a few steps of the building instructions €10-€15 is quite a lot of money, I think. Especially when you also could reverse engineer the solution from some good photo's. But I still think up to €15 (depending on how big/how complex the MOC is and the quality of the instructions) is a reasonable prize for building instructions. Because of the effort someone putted into making them. All in all I think it would be nice if the building instructions are fairly cheap and the money would come from the mass. (By that I mean a lot of people buying cheap building instructions instead of a few people buying pricey building instructions. Surely 2 x 12 is 12 x 2). But I don't know how many people buy these instructions, so can't really predict if it would work that way, but I think it would for me. Totally agree with this Sorry for commenting on such a old post