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    75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Great review, MKJoshA! You seem to be a natural for these: good pictures, and good narration content as well. This is the first I've heard of this set. Personally, I think this vehicle would go very nicely with a pirate fleet; right alongside the swoops, sand skiffs, pirate tanks, and Starhoppers in the tan/brown color scheme used by many of the lawless bands raiding and scavenging the Outer Rim territories! Thanks for this!
  2. kingodacheez

    [MOC] DR-88M Sparrow starfighter

    Looks like a sturdy build. Does it have an interior?
  3. kingodacheez

    [MOC] Blacktron Scouttrax redirect

    Very impressive vehicle! Radio-controlled Lego vehicles are a bit of a rarity. Job well done.
  4. kingodacheez

    Look at this gold [6969]

    Do you have a giant project in mind?
  5. kingodacheez

    Mars Base

    Fantastic build! Is it difficult to transport? Will you be doing threads to highlight the individual structures and vehicles?
  6. kingodacheez

    [LDD/Render] Titanfall-Inspired Mech

    Have you built this one yet? Yeah, uh, nevermind...
  7. kingodacheez

    [MOC] Mini AT-ST MOC and my MOD of 75153

    They both look great! Try looking through the instructions database for articulation ideas That's what I use for inspiration and troubleshooting.
  8. kingodacheez

    [WIP][MOC] Tie Bomber

    This looks great! Being exactly accurate to canon (down to the tiniest greeble) isn't that important, unless the model is supposed to be a UCS representation. As long as the builder is satisfied with the efforts and result: that is what its all about. I like to think that the Empire is really vast. Mission-specific modifications to vehicles and equipment are necessary to adapt for changing requirements in most armies. Really good work, dmarkng!
  9. Yes! Really great diorama. Well thought out; with balanced colors and original vehicles! Would like to see the expanded version as well.
  10. kingodacheez

    Jagdpanzer 38(t) 'Hetzer'

    This simple design looks good, so far. It wouldn't be too difficult to add the fourth wheel set. Keep it up!
  11. kingodacheez

    Eagles from space: 1999 TV show

    Those are some great figures! I wonder who makes those... (edit) WOW! What a great thread.
  12. kingodacheez

    How successful was Galaxy Squad?

    This line was way too short-lived in my opinion. There was a lot of competition from staple sets and new themes; which was probably what reduced its popularity. I think the line would have done better if TLG had more sales feedback (read: too busy with other projects), but it just couldn't match all of the competition from multiple popular themes. Had there been a couple more seasons worth of waves, maybe it could have evolved into a theme that really took off. Personally; I really like the team colors and have purchased a huge army of the light blue minifigs from BL to field as wargaming troops. Once that army is completed, there will be another in a different color representing a different faction. As far as the future of non-licensed themes; NK makes a strong positive example of viability.
  13. kingodacheez

    Eagles from space: 1999 TV show

    Wow! I thought I was the only one who loves this show. This is an excellent build, and the building instructions are easy to follow. Thank you for this,King_Arthur; you've made an 'old' sci-fi geek VERY happy today! According to the previous size comparison images; the Mattel Eagle 1 ship from the '70s is pretty close to being minifig scale. How cool is that?
  14. kingodacheez

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    Oy, Mate! This is a great technique for creating the spherical shape. Any chance of a partial teardown for building reference? I couldn't quite get it from the Flickr pics. I'd also like to see how the "wings" are put together.
  15. kingodacheez

    [Custom minifig] 501st Clone Troopers

    Fantastic work! These clones are works of art. Would love to see TLG put this much detail into their production minifigs: I'd even be willing to pay a little extra for these as a single figure polybag!
  16. Very neat work, AlecLantz. Kinetic sculptures are kind of a rare thing in the brick world. Put that on your coffee table, and you'll always have a great conversation piece!
  17. kingodacheez

    [MOC] Naboo Royal Cruiser

    Yes! I was wondering if anyone could build this ship. You've captured the smooth curves very well. Anxious to see what you do for the interior!
  18. kingodacheez

    [MOC] Blacktron BT-70 Intimidator

    I'm adding my kudos to the already growing heap of praise for this ship! There wasn't any Blacktron influence in my past: but there most definitely is in my future. Excellent attention to detail and greebling. A really neat thing about this one is the almost modular appearance it has with the linear cabin arrangement. Was that your intention?
  19. kingodacheez

    [MOC] Bluebird Mech

    Very nicely done! The lines are clear of excessive greebling, and color is evenly distributed. The feet look like stable platforms. How much articulation is available with this build?
  20. kingodacheez

    [MOD] 9500 Sith Fury-class Interceptor

    Up until seeing this; I hadn't paid much attention to this ship. You did an impressive lot of detail work that looks as though it belongs on the original TLG design. Would you change the start of your post to show a pic of the original model? A side-by-side comparison would be a great opener!
  21. kingodacheez

    Kenner 12-Back Lego Display

    Yes; very tastefully done. That brings back a lot of memories from waaayyy back!
  22. kingodacheez

    Yet Another Death Star Room

    Your efforts have produced a very impressive man-cave! Just out of curiosity: how long are the long 'slots' in the light panels, and what diameter of hole saw should be used to recreate them?
  23. kingodacheez

    [MOC] Villain Speeder

    VERY nicely done, Kevin W.! I saw the Hasbro version of this in the stores, but really like the way it looks in minifig scale. Thanks for posting this!
  24. kingodacheez

    Video: Resistance Troop Transporter Reivew (Princess Leia)

    That's funny it is described as a modular ship. Just today I was reading "Tarkin", and it described common pirate and smuggler vessels as being modules cobbled together; not based on any commercial design. I'm pretty excited about adding this to my spaceport!
  25. kingodacheez

    One billion - yes, billion - stormtrooper minifigures

    Well, the Empire does occupy a lot of systems you know... I haven't read the article, and wonder if that number includes all variants of armor types.