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    ETR 1000 Frecciarossa

    Hello. I hope you don't mind correcting the first post and mention the actual author (the original piece) of this train, to give him the deserved credit. His name is Enrico Vannucchi, and anyone can find his train here: you can see he posted it more than 2 years before that. I also reckon the author of this posted the same in the italian lug forum (ITLug) without mentioning the original author as well. Only after someone mentioned it he says he 'took the inspiration from' but the first post stayed the same I believe it's fair and nice to give credit to people who spend lots of time and share their creations with the community for the sake of helping others and gather new ideas. Thank you.
  2. cool! may I ask how the helmet is composed? I appreciate it looks like a space helmet in LBG, but cant find that part. Also the chin doesnt look like anything to me. Thanks!
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    Custom Avengers Tower

    Would ne really cool to see the updated version. Thanks!
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    Power Monorail

    this is very cool! since the description is in german, could you please explain how you do the power pickup?