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  1. Hello, I wanted to make the StarScavenger / Arrowhead combo build from the last freemakers episode, and was wondering if any instructions exist. Also if instructions aren't available it would help if someone could take some screen grabs of the ship from the episode so I could try making the ship myself (the more the better, I would need as many angles as possible). I have an old computer so I am unable to take screen grabs myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I found the DJ poly at a Toys R Us in Wisconsin, USA. It wasn't supposed to be for sale yet, but they let me buy them anyway.
  3. Valezri

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Sorry no pics (I don't own a camera) but the hand color matches perfectly to her skin color. Looks alot more accurate than the dark grey hands originally used.
  4. Valezri

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I just updated an Aayla Secura figure with the hands from the new CMF veterinarian figure.
  5. Valezri

    Star Wars April Fools Sets

    lol I found this quite funny and I'm 37. Also since reading this I kinda have been wanting to make a brick built tomato.
  6. Valezri

    "Extra pieces" in Death Star 2 (10143)???

    I've gotten multiples of the same set before and the extra parts weren't always the same. One time I got 2 of the same Dino set, one of them had extra green syringes, and the other didn't, also one of them had the book in a bag, and the other didn't.
  7. Valezri

    Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    Here is some info about the Lego Store Employee minifig. I think I got 3 of these at the lego store with the coupons from the calender. I live in the US.
  8. Valezri

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    I saw 75142 Homing Spider Droid at a Toys R Us a couple of days ago. I also saw these sets at a Meijer 75125 Resistance X-wing Fighter 75129 Wookiee Gunship 75135 Obi-Wan's Jedi Interceptor 75136 Droid Escape Pod 75137 Carbon Freezing Chamber 75138 Hoth Attack I saw these in the US in South-eastern WI
  9. Valezri

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I saw a set of books with an a-wing polybag included at a Kohl's in IL, USA. I also saw a set of books that contained 3 minifigs I think they where Luke, and Han with medal and the trooper guy from the Yoda chronicles book.
  10. I thought I'd post some pics of some Star Wars heads I sculpted along with pics of what they are based on.
  11. I think I probably started this around 5 years ago, and I also have already scaled it up several times, and have thought about doing it again. You have alot of good ideas, and your pics have been helpful. :) Here are pics of some of the figures from the Cantina. I forgot to include Ponda Baba when taking these, but I have an older pic of his head sculp used for a contest I entered.
  12. Here is a pic of what I've gotten done so far.
  13. Valezri

    Review: 75060 Slave I

    I bought one on Tuesday and mine says "tractor" on the sticker. This topic has a pic that someone posted.
  14. Valezri

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    I got this set yesterday, and mine says "tractor" on the sticker.