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  1. Here's mine! I wish they released the parts in these colors though... Christmas tree.lxf by NightvidAng, on Flickr
  2. C0zmic

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Shared my thoughts and made an analysis on this video!
  3. Thanks for having this Raffle CopMike!
  4. What I'd love for Christmas is one huge Jetpack, with a pig too! is this picture bigger than 800x600? help would be appreciated :)
  5. In the movie Tower Heist, you can see the main cast planning their infiltration using a "blueprint of the tower made of Lego bricks". In the movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, during his childhood when the music Top of the World starts, look closely and you'll see a classic Lego 404 set.
  6. Anybody know where one could get this software as it is said to be for LEGOLAND model builders ONLY. But I still believe somehow it would get out of the factory and into the hands of one lucky LEGO fan. Is there someone with experience or basic knowledge of the software and how it operates? Maybe we could remake the software manually...
  7. C0zmic

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    The Master Model Builder with us during the trip said that they could get a specific part made tailoring to their wants but costs around $1-3 a piece ( I forgot how much exactly). Well a few of us said: "Isn't that really really cheap?" He was like: "No. When you need lots of them, the price gets more expensive than you think."
  8. C0zmic

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    I never thought of it that way. Thanks for clearing my mind of this matter :)
  9. LEGOLAND pretty much always says that they use all the same parts selections available in LEGO sets and that any kid would have so that you could possibly "recreate" what you see in LEGOLAND parks. And don't make custom pieces for themselves to be true to LEGO. I've been to the model shop in LLM and found out that they have 1x2 jumper plates in transclear, which by my research has never been released in a set or made known in public. I'm pretty sure that's not the only part they're keeping to themselves. But my question is, why does LEGOLAND say that the parts they use are completely same to what other people would have? Is LEGOLAND lying to us all?
  10. Belated Merry Christmas Everyone! First Official Post here. Here's the MOC i've been working on a lot lately: ~Shopping Center and Grill in Miniland Scale~ I'm really proud how the lettering turned out, after it forced me to use all the printed tiles with letters from the Business Card holder set (Reference: http://goo.gl/nG9V0U) It might be small for now, but its a good start!
  11. C0zmic

    Monthly Mini-Builds: 2013 in Review

    Nice review, although i think Miniland Scale figs (the brickbuilt ones) are bettert than Minifigs, especially if you've been able to visit any LEGOLAND park and see Miniland and all its beauty. But to be honest, the scale for them in the MMB are a bit off, legs are too short, etc...