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  1. @SamuelYsc I think your version deserves its own topic!
  2. Does anyone know why there is a loose 32t blue gear wheel in the rear axle? To me, this just seems like extra friction.
  3. Nice bit of Beethoven in the video too!
  4. skaah

    8482 Cyber Master

    @Cyber Master looking forward to hear how your project will go! Have only one copy of this set with broken motor.
  5. skaah

    1970 Porsche 917K

    I really liked how the video was put together @Sariel!
  6. I had the same problem, they had completely perished. Bit the bullet and got some shiny ones on Bricklink.
  7. skaah

    [WIP] chassis teaser

    Ha, you made the cilinder heads in the colors of the BMW M logo!
  8. I've made some mods too. I've copied the swivel mechanism from gvo25 for the grabber, though I made it a stud smaller bij using a 2L beam instead of a 3L beam. I've removed the little half pins that block the steering, I've had to move the black cross beam because the wheels hit that when steering sharply now. Finally, I've added an air tank. Since I didn't add any of the compressor / electrical stuff, there was space a plenty. Love this highly customizable set! Todo: add a pneumatic cylinder for raising the cab.
  9. > If it does, then you need an old style pump. If not, your block may be broken. I think it's the pump, these tiny pumps don't "suck" only "blow".
  10. skaah


    Cool, thanks Blackbird!
  11. skaah

    Largest Technic Mobile crane yet?

    Wow that is TRULY massive!