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  1. skaah


    @Blakbird I'm so happy you're back! And I am sorry to hear you sold off all your sets and quit collecting. I loved Technicopedia, reading about all the clever mechanisms in all the older sets! Very happy to see some of more of the content you created! Gonna read all your new stuff now!
  2. Thanks @Sariel! What kind of differentials are in the drivetrain?
  3. skaah

    [TC17] Mad Nomad - Finished

    Nice idea and execution!
  4. The 9390 tiny Unimog was a licensed set.
  5. skaah

    [REVIEW] 42101 - Buggy

    Nice steering mechanism, great execution of a buggy at this price point.
  6. @SamuelYsc I think your version deserves its own topic!
  7. Does anyone know why there is a loose 32t blue gear wheel in the rear axle? To me, this just seems like extra friction.
  8. Nice bit of Beethoven in the video too!
  9. skaah

    8482 Cyber Master

    @Cyber Master looking forward to hear how your project will go! Have only one copy of this set with broken motor.
  10. skaah

    1970 Porsche 917K

    I really liked how the video was put together @Sariel!