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About Me

My LEGO comic series, Space Mess:

First Episode | Second Episode


My name is Ben and I'm a big LEGO fan currently living in Israel. (By the way, if you live in Israel too please check out our online LUG, we don't have very many members but we know that there are more Israeli FOLs out there!)

I have been building with LEGOs since I was little, but it was not until around two years ago I became active on the LEGO internet community (starting with MOCpages and then later with Eurobricks and other sites). My favorite themes are sci-fi related ones and Atlantis, so those are the forums you'll see me around the most :wink:. If you are interested in looking at my creations you can go to my MOCpage, or also my Flickr (although I also enjoy photography so there are a lot of non-LEGO photos on there too!). I also have a LEGO blog, named Just Brickin' It, which is full of quite inactive bloggers so I don't know how much longer it will last. :hmpf_bad: Oh yes, we cannot forget my Brickshelf account, although I do not use it very often and do not keep pictures of most of my LEGO work there. This page is old! I need to write something else new ASAP! :tongue:

Send me an email or a PM if you want to get in touch!

Recent MOCS (starting in December 2013):

11207777906_47190db078_t.jpg 7-Wide Sports Car

Mafia history:

6336961207_58b89059a1_t.jpg6362268605_440bf5f788_t.jpg Played as Flanagan, The Whipping Boy in the Witchbreed - Vapourized on Night One. Town

IMG_0708.jpgIMG_0966.jpg Played as Shaak Ti in the Jedi Temple Mafia - Lynched on Day Six. Jedi

12.jpg Played as Lieutenant Suzanne Vanderbilt, med-bay nurse, in the Excalibur Mafia. - Didn't die before the game got screwed up, didn't continue in v2.0

8367654520_cb558a68b6_m.jpg8383954212_c8c951b706_m.jpg Played as Flare in the Eurobricks Mafia. Lynched on day one. Town

catava-wingedwarrior.jpg Played as Fleyra (Flare) ~ 29 years old female Rito Winged Warrior ~ Heroica (survived)