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  1. "Damned arrows, what's gotten into them..." Benji grumbles angrily as his target had fallen dead a moment before he fired at him, and his powerful attack rendered useless. 

    Benji attacks Hunter Wyvern B three times with Meduiak. If the opponent is defeated he'll take on Speckled Wyvern B. All from the back row.

    "Back off from my targets, worm!!" Benji shouted at Torc, in a pissed attitude and apparently not intimidated too much by hin. 

  2. OoC: Why is Benji immune to ice? Just wondering, I don't see any item he has that would cause thay immunity.

    "HA!!" Benji roars expectantly at the upcoming battle. "FINALLY, This! This is a fight worthy of my time. Bring it on, lizards!" 

    Benji looks around at the large array of heroes assembled with him on the boat. "We can do this, fellow heroes! Listen to the advice given by the respected heroes who have more experience in these things. As for me - I'm going to savor this fight. En garde, winged salamander! " 

    Benji stops the sudden burst of words to let loose a burst of arrows, as he attacks Hunter Drake A twice from the back row with Meduiak! 

  3. On 7/14/2018 at 12:30 AM, Lind Whisperer said:

    "Yes. We need to consult our Prophet, regarding the outcomes. I get the bolded message from our QM :tongue: impression we can only make one of two choices here - we need to do everything in our power to make sure it's the right one."


    On 7/14/2018 at 7:18 AM, Lord Duvors said:

    In the absence of a reply from Benji, Throlar sighed, looked in the general direction of up, and began to speak.

    "Ophaniel," he said, "if you can offer us any guidance, then please speak to us."

    Benji, lurking around, finally stands up straight, inspired to speak to the mass of the group. He looks around at the different heroes, and starts to speak, with a tear in his eye. 

    "Heroes of Heroica! You are brave and mean well! However, sadly I need not divine revelation to know the outcome of our daring exploits - much darkness and pain will come no matter which way we turn. But this I know, through all my years in Heroica, we must stick together to save the city. Aye, Heroica has done many a deed, and our loyalties belong to the dear citizens of the city. Let us do our best, even if it will lead us to our deaths, we will celebrate in the heavens above. Let us go, and save the people of this city. "

  4. 4 minutes ago, Asphalt said:

    Vindsval steps aside to avoid the splatter.

    You call me disgusting?  And yourself a hero?

    He looks from Pretzel to Benji, 

    You know this. . . man?

    "A hero from the hall, at least that's what this foul fellow reminds me off. For sure I'm not sure if a demon has taken possession of him or if this is an evil twin." 

  5. 27 minutes ago, Kintobor said:

    Karie grimaces. 

    "I'm assuming we need light magic? None of us have a diamond. I could potentally recede the vines with an Angelic Aria, but I don't know how effective it would be.

    We could try and remove the vines with the use of an Emerald, but I'm not familiar with elemental magic."

    "The bonds are definitely demonic by nature, they are not vines of the botanical arrangement. I doubt an Emerald would help, but the Angelic Aria might just do the trick, if you're feeling confident. "

  6. 12 hours ago, Asphalt said:

    Be careful, no one rush in.  Benji If I may keep the medal of Valor You can wear the Anniversary Medal.

    Vindsval Hands Benji his Anniversary Medal.  and then consumes  a Nostrum and Ambrosia

    Watcha the dead, and for traps.  This seems a bad place to step poorly.

    OOC: vindsval should be at full level 43 after getting triple experience for the last battle. 

    Benji takes the Anniversary Medal and equips it. 

    Benji inspects from a distance the body of the fairy, wary of a trap. Summoning his connection to the heavenly, he burns as much ether as necessary and uses his Arcane Wisdom to reveal any trick and to try and remove the vines. 

  7. 44 minutes ago, Lind Whisperer said:

    "Say - Benji. In your vision. Did it seem to be the door kind of portal, that we might be able to reactivate somehow, or did it look like some temporary spell?"

    Benji thinks thoughtfully but shakes his head. "I'm sorry, I'm not sure. In any case I am preferring to save the Fey One, that is the way we should go." 

    26 minutes ago, Lind Whisperer said:

    (Possibly also the health bonus from the Tiny Mushroom, if Benji was contributing that as well? Don't know - @Flare?)

    OoC: I contributed both mushrooms. 

    Also OoC: Am I able to equip more accessories? I'm a little confused as to what happened with the medal and how many i can use in any case. 


    Benji also consumes a nostrum, smelling salts, flame-distilled brandy, and grand tonic. 

  8. As Benji falls into a trance he receives two visions as if they are happening simultaneously. In one the party rushes down the stairs and finds the imprisoned Fey One on the edge of dying wrapped in a cocoon of white roots. Many fairies, some living, some dead, sit emaciated in chains along the walls of the tower basement.

    The other vision shows the heroes running up the stairs and stopping a masked figure who has opened a portal to the material plane and is quickly preparing to escape.

    Benji gets the impression that only one of these futures is attainable.

    Benji quickly desribes to the group the vision he received. He also throws the mushrooms at Lind. 

  9. 15 hours ago, Kintobor said:

    Throlar- Rotting Rod
    Monk Pretzel- Bone x3, Tiny Mushroom
    Lind- Level-Up Mushroom, Pickled Mushroom
    Benji- Cowl of the Dark Druid
    Kiray- Level-Up Mushroom, Pickled Mushroom
    Vindsval- Emerald, Tiny Mushroom
    Karie- Tiny Mushroom, Mighty Mushroom
    Skrall- Pickled Mushroom

    "I hope this is to everyones satisfaction." Karie exclaims.

    "Thanks a lot for giving me something that I can't even use." Benji glares angrily at the party leader. 

    Benji throws his compass to the side, and combines use of his job traits Track Down and Clairvoyance, to find which direction to go to find the Fae One. 

  10. OoC: Benji gains triple XP. 

    Benji brushes himself off after the scrabble and readjusts his cowl. He frowns as he looks ahead, at the options to go up or down. "That wasn't too bad. I expected more from this tower of doom. I'll take a tiny mushroom if y'all don't mind. Shall we go up or down?" 

    Benji uses his magic compass to decide which staircase will lead them to the Fae One.