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  1. Announcement: New Heroica quest coming up soon! >:D

  2. Don't you love speeling :D

  3. Liek my logic?

    1. Dannylonglegs


      Ure Logic are undeniable.

  4. Why'd you have to change your name, why :cry_sad:

    1. Pyrovisionary


      That's what I'm called on pretty much everything else! :P

    2. Flare


      But we all knew you and loved you as Skyrimguy... ;( alright not love but we knew you that way...

  5. Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh sup

  6. Avatar credit to Sandy!

  7. Benji Carvenhall, the Dragonslayer.

  8. Feeling froggy...

  9. Give me LEGO or give me moar LEGO!!1!

  10. Green and Gone... Coming soon

  11. Look out! Ziegfried quest coming soon!

  12. is dashingly handsome

  13. Participating in the Eurobricks Mafia as his usual handsome self!

  14. Heroica: Still hosting Quest #42 and preparing to enter the Unlimited Quest! W00t!

  15. You've got some nice scissors, bro ;)

    1. Pyrovisionary


      Just what I needed! Now sarge can have a shave!

    2. Flare
  16. is still hosting Quest #42 and is waiting for Brickdoctor and his gang to get out of the fields :l

  17. Sorrow is an Assassin, eh? Makes sense. Benji is switching back to Warden, so if you want some nice loot that he can't use go check out the hall :tongue:

  18. I'm going to be screwing around with your character a lot in this quest >:D

  19. is hosting Quest #42: The Meaning Of It All and is participating in Sandy's Quest #44

  20. Hi just to let you know Quest #42 is up and running again, oh party leader ;)

  21. Unlimited quest here I come! :drool:

  22. Its all your fault! All of my problems in life... :P

  23. For some reason I doubt you're 98 years old.

  24. Nothing, I just wanted someone to say something on my profile...