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    history, everythig from the 80s, movies, music, travels, adventure novels, ethnic groups, architecture, old pictures, comic books, cartoon & TOYS of course!


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Hello Bricklovers :sweet:

Been on this Forum for a while already, but never had much time to really get into the Lego society, many things in life stopped me from constant writing or MOC creating... found this part of the Forum and remembered that I never had a chance to actually introduce myself... and meet some new friends :sweet:

So my name is Mazin, but you can also call me Martin, I'm 30 years old ( eh! ) and I live in the very north of Poland, but always wanted to move out from here somewhere abroad.

Besides Lego I'm a huge fan of other vintage toys, comics and cartoons - G.I.Joes, TMNT, Dino-Riders, Cops, Duck Tales, Visionaries, Transformers etc... Well almost everything from the 80s. Music, movies, fashion, cars... As I am actually the founder, master & commander of the polish "American Golden 80s" fans association - :sweet:

Along to that I enjoy old & new computer games, travel, and have big interest in history, ethnicity, geography, architecture and many others... I'm also an aspiring writer and screenwriter...

My Lego adventure started when I was about 4 years old. There was no Lego to be found in our country at that time, as there was actually NO PRODUCTS to be found in our stores at that time ( :wink: joys of Warsaw Pact baby! ), but my father was working on a ferry ( Polish Baltic Ferries ) which were like a gate to another ( western ) dimension and he would buy some sets for me.

My very first set must have been one of these:'s_Arsenal

I also have some Duplos so I probably might have gotten them earlier... I can't really recall.

So then it started... I didn't get much even after our borders opened and the whole Lego boom started for real. I got them ocassionally, with main focus on getting Pirates as I had 4 huge sets from this theme. Castle was always my second favorite. Of couse had a big cheer for Town and liked the others, didn't get much of them though.

But it was also a very short adventure... Lego boom ended as fast as it started. Polish economy collapsed and it got more and more expensive and my parents were not very eager to buy me anything. On the other hand I choose to focus more on collecting G.I.Joe at the same time.

So I have to say that I've always collected Lego more in my mind than in reality, almost ripping these toys out of the catalogs :sweet:

Well, hopefully will realize my dream and get what I always wanted now that I'm an adult. I want to focus more on getting myself MISB sets, as I'm not really into bying used stuff :sweet: