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  1. Hi, I want to make a Porsche 935 out of LEGO technic, but i dont know wich model and livery i should do. If anyone has an idea, please post. Regards,
  2. Ok, so in parallel, it wouldnt give any problems, i want to put 4 RC motors at 2 ports, will this be possible? I'm asking this because i am planning to build a 4 motored racecar, and the sbricks are expensive, so i want to use only one sbrick.
  3. Would it be possible to do it with 2 AA battery boxes and 4 lego RC motors? Or would it completely destroy everything?
  4. I have a question. I am trying to build a racecar, with two RC motors, two 8878 battery packs, and one SBrick. I want to make this configuration: Two 8878 battery packs, using both the extension cable, coming together at the Sbrick, then on one of the four ports, two RC motors with a 8886 cable. Is this configuration possible? Regards
  5. Hi, I've seen on the internet a new and nice thing wich helps you to control the car much better. Its called SmartBrick. i think rm8 already used it, but its fully adaptable and you can choose the speed to drive with. Here's a link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sbrick/sbrick-smart-way-to-control-all-your-lego-creation Hope you will enjoy it.
  6. Hi, I think it would be a great video if you make a video at the seaside. And it would be much better i think if you raise the door a couple of studs. You should try it. Regards
  7. Thank you very much for the tip Doc_Brown, but unfortunately i dont have Brickshelf so i cant post them. I started with the build yesterday, but since the body sits on top, the overload protection kicks in. PS: I have the V2 receiver.
  8. Hello all, This is my first post of a MOC on Eurobricks. Now, it all started when i was searching on the internet, and i spotted a very nice car: (here is the URL) https://encrypted-tb...VhMuEUleUXyVfTQ But, this car wasnt very sophisticated, so i want to rebuild the car, but with some technology of a racing car. I saw piterx's Lancia Stratos, and i tought it would be a nice competitor for it. I am going to use the gear ratio 1nxtmonster uses in the fastest lego car ever. And i am going to use only one buggy motor. As soon as i worked out how to post pictures, i will post pictures. I already have the RTC system worked out, it was de- signed by Sariel. Its very small and, very important, light. If anyone has some good idea's for building the car, please post them. KInd regards, PS: I know Bricklink, so i have the ability to order parts.
  9. I am not using motorS, only one and it should not give a problem. BTW the RC unit is way too heavy.
  10. jg711

    Rare Technic sets

    When i bought the 8880 in christmas 2012 i bought immediately 2 mint in box for 75 euro each. Then it wasnt rare, now it is a bit more rare.
  11. This is the car: Lightning GT-RC or RallyCross: I have the link to the page on the forum. I will post soon some more pictures. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=93581&hl=lightning
  12. Hi all, This is my first MOC post. The Lightning GT-RC or GT-RallyCross. The car: Engine: Li-Po Battery powered RC Buggy Motor. Propulsion: Engine right to the rear differential, possibly with a center shaft to the front differential. Steering: Currently M-motor with rubber band auto centering. Performances: Engine: 4.5 W @ 1200 rpm. Top Speed: 8 km/h (5 mph) Weight: 570 gram Dimensions: 37.6 X 19.4 cm A picture:
  13. Yes, i already tried, but it is too weak to bridge the RTC steering And if i make the RTC band weaker, it doesnt return to the center. But maybe i can 'hire' a servo motor. But do you think that it will work? I will try to make a topic about my car, because it is quite nice. Than you guys can see better what the problem is.
  14. Zblj: I sadly enough do t have a servo motor. rm8: It does the job and drifts superb, i can even do donuts with it, only if i drift 1 complete donut, the motor stalls. It drifts really good because the tires dont hit the floor with full surface so it has only like 4 mm tire width.
  15. Hrafn: I bought the accu pack because i wanted it to be much lighter. Zblj: Ah,ok thanks, but if i drive indoor and i drift like 6 circles with donuts it is the best to change the M motor by a Servo motor? rm8: I am now using 68.7 tires and no gear reduction. I really cant figure out how to post pics. The RTC is the same as your black mamba; the drivetrain of the motor to the diff is also the same. Weight: 570 gram.