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    What custom minifigure do you desire?

    Hit me up some links for the type of female armor types you would like if i was to make some, please Not on as much as its Christmas! Be on just after! everything you post is still valued so please do! Hope you all have a fantastic holiday! Luckiest love lucky!
  2. LuckyTheySay

    What custom minifigure do you desire?

    Ok so link looks fun I think we should defiantly do a custom link. :D So looking at pictures of him the tricky part is the hair and hat, we are going to look into making a custom hat with joint hair piece and I think we will start there with him, I'll keep you updated! Sounds interesting! Already working on a custom green lantern that glows! I will keep you updated! Galadriel sounds good, maybe with a custom tiara or long droopy hood? Also would love to do a batman beyond or even a range, Robin, batgirl and max gibson I think would all make good minifigis! Thanks for the post All sound good!! If i was going to do that id probably do them as sets! something for the future! good post :) Are you talking about the animated series? if you are that would be awesome! Was also thinking maybe a beavis and butt-head? We will be printing along sides with someone very valued of the LEGO custom printing group thats all i can really say right now! keep you updated WE WOULDN'T WANT THAT!! ;)
  3. Hello to the world of LEGO! So this is a quick question for you all, Me and my team will be printing lego minifigures soon and we was wondering what you would like! Our results are as good as LEGOs, but you will see that over the next few days! Anyone that helps will be wrote on our nice list for Christmas ;-)