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    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    When does this year's set get announced?? It's now November.
  2. I would just get the old gray from bricklink. There is a noticable difference in the old gray and grays out now.
  3. romdam

    Stolen figs

    Shrink wrap would do nothing to stop a box cutter. What book has the Luke in it? Walmart is the easiest store to do anything shady at. The store here has 1 LP person covering the whole super Walmart building. Even easier in the overnight hours when they have no LP in store.
  4. There are only coupon for the first three months??? That's odd.
  5. romdam

    Pet Shop retiring

    The Creator Family House was "sold out" for a month and is now (was a few days ago) back. Why is it everytime something is "sold out", the talk is retirement? Then the talk goes on for months as people have to dicuss it to death about "is it or is it not" gone forever. Sold out? Big deal. Why does it have to get talked about so much? If you wanted the set, most often then not, you have had a year or two to have bought it. If it's because you are a reseller who checks the Lego site everyday to see if something is "sold out" so you can make some money, then I hope the bubble bursts and you lose your house with your stockpiles of sets.
  6. romdam

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    ^^ I don't consider the TRU sets "mini modulars". The fire station has a fire hydrant as big as the truck! I think they are hideous.
  7. romdam

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    How do the drivers get in/out of those demolition site sets? The driver of the digger is like permanetly encased inside...
  8. romdam

    LEGO City Problems/Rant

    Why is it wrong to ask fo "City" buildings? Everyone has the "build your own" answer to the question. Why should kids be made tobuild their own? Then why sell kits? Why not just sell buckets of pieces and be like "here, build your own city"? To me, the Creator and Modules are not scaled right compared to "City" buildings. Plus you have all these vehicles with nowhere to go. Do vehicles just drive around all of the time? Why sell a race car when there is no track or other like cars to race?
  9. romdam

    October LEGO Store Calendar

    Any word on triple points for Brick Friday? I have a HUGE order I want to do but would make more sense for me to do that brick Friday as oppsed to October.
  10. romdam

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm guessing "snow blower" is a snow plow?
  11. romdam

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Why is the conveyor outside? Why do the have to make toys in the cold of the North Pole when there is a building? There was a Toy Shop to sell toys but what is the purpose of the Shop now since Santa is right there to GIVE them away?? Brick built reindeer??? Other Winter sets have included a molded cat, dog, horse, owl. Now they throw in brick built animals?? I can lool past the lamp posts being of different designs every year but mixing brick built and molded animals just doesn't blend together. This whole set doesn't jive well with the others at all. I guess Lego will not be getting $100 from me the Black Friday. I'll buy the bonus sets off of ebay.
  12. romdam

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Do most all of you keep your sets separate from other pieces? What I use for storage are the free USPS priority mailing boxes. I'll write a number on the box and then I have a website that I keep track of what set is in what box. My spares I haven't hit yet. Only about 25% are sorted. The rest are in those USPS boxes, sorted by color at least. I have 15 boxes of those to sort yet.
  13. romdam

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So in other words "like it or be lucky they make sets to begin with"? Has anyone talked to a 10 year old collector? I have and here are the results when shown the new sets. Police Station: "I just got a police station". Race Car - "where does he race?" "Who is he racing?" Other Police sets - "I have all of those". Light Truck - "I have that too". Only things of interest are the Logging Truck and the Car Transport. So this kid has basically new City sets to add because he "has them all". The Coast Guard line did nothing for him as well as the Lego City is "all Police and Fire." Why is the answer always basically "buy a tub of bricks and build something yourself if you don't like it"?
  14. I have been Bricklinking for many years and never had any major issues. Ebay, Ebay is fun! I don't know how anyone can say they'd never use ebay for Lego. I love it! I love playing the "mystery game", when a seller posts a picture of just a box of pieces. What can I spot in the picture? I have had massive hauls from this. Café Corner, Market Street, and Green Grocer all for $550? Heck yea! The guy posts one picture of this huge lot. One side of Café Corners box could been seen. The was another set that had the flaps opened, so you had no Idea what it was. Surprise, Market Street. The tub was just a picture of the tub full of pieces. Surprise, Green Grocer inside. Stock photo's used as pictures? Sure I've bid on one of those. Guy posts "Lego Castle Lot". Buy it price of $79. Stock photos of a few Kingdoms sets and the his own pictures of two bags of pieces and minifigs and animals. What shows up? This HUGE box. Inside, the FULL Kingdoms line! Even had the Advent Calendar and Battle Packs. Not just that but 80's sets with Kings Castle, Knights Castle, and all the mid to big Forestmen sets. Over 150 castle minifigs as well in 2 big bags. Insane! Ebay is an addiction and this is why.
  15. Yea, like that. Funny thing is tho it seems the two extra plates have no use in the set. They are not "missing pieces" from what I understand. Just two extra pieces in a sealed bag added after production for some odd reason.