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  1. No new pics? When It's supposed to see the official btw?
  2. muscleman

    LEGO VIP program questions for you!

    1) Simply join into, registred and get my first set online! 2) Get point for have discouts on next set, access to special set before others. 3) From my future set to buy. Choose the Modular or the creator sets just ceck the schedule of the VIP Program 4) Special set for VIP, more special sales, exclusive set maybe and more time to get more points! 5) I honestly It's hard to say 'cause in Italy we have only one lego store, and it's not really ina good point of Italy to access. And I never be get difference from when I was a normal member or not as a VIP anytime I put in contact to the callcenter, they always nice to me.
  3. muscleman

    Discussion Should LEGO make a Military Theme?

    No, i think they don't must make it. I don't like the idea.
  4. muscleman

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Maybe the next can be a Police old New York Style.....will be awesome...with prison....a little cop car or a elicopter....3 roof.....a lot of entrance with stairs with small columns similar to those seen in the recent set: the workshoop of Santa Claus
  5. muscleman

    2015 The LEGO Movie rumors and discussion

    Will be more "2 in 1" set into 2015?
  6. Can't wait to see the last few and see this new full serie! I like the idea of ont thmed monsters but I I hope they just continue to normla mix series too
  7. muscleman

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Tatally agree!!! We need and want more new buildings....and yes, a modular police station too...thanks LEGO :)
  8. Wow! love these!!!! Great add-on!!! Maybe that are simply minifigures that wear cloths for a halloowenn party? So we have a Monster band ( franky and the mosnters) and some others invited? :)
  9. ...and i think the spooky girl is a glow in the dark parts! I really like the new pig guy!! great suit!!! and the new prospector parts are funny and the figure is really cool!
  10. muscleman

    MOC: Food Truck

    Supported! Great work!
  11. muscleman

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I like all , the style, the colors, the minifigs....but no the animals, "reindeer"...really, no new animals?!?!? :( but I will buit, and don't build that.....thats animals....
  12. muscleman

    10244 Fairground Mixer

    Thanks for the reply, and we are sure this year we don't have a new modular one? If I remeber right in the 2013 we we had the "Horizon Express", which is a model creator expert and a modular "classic", maybe...?
  13. muscleman

    10244 Fairground Mixer

    Can some one explain to me why this set isn't in scale with the others modular buildings and for the minifigures? thanks.
  14. muscleman

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    ... :angry: :angry: ...ok, i 'll buy other things....why lost the modulars? It's great! and each mold be better!!!.....Lego this time you let me down :angry: :cry_sad: