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  1. thrak76

    What did you buy today?

    Picked up 79010 - The Hobbit, The Goblin King Battle x 2 If anyone in the USA has a Meijer near them, it's on clearance right now for $49.99.
  2. thrak76

    Indiana Jones 5 by Migalart

    Very, very nice! It really looks right in character for an Indiana Jones set. So many different areas for action! Great job!
  3. thrak76

    Cool mashup

    Right now (1-23-14), over at TeeFury there is a cool mashup of Lego minifigs and Shaun of the Dead! I picked up one of the Lego themed shirts, but some of you may also like the more Cornetto Trilogy related shirt.
  4. thrak76

    What did you buy today?

    Picked up The Hobbit 79003 - An Unexpected Gathering and Creator 7346 - Seaside House. I couldn't wait very long before putting together The Hobbit set, and I'm very impressed with the build. It's a very cool looking set with some nice minifigs.
  5. thrak76

    MOC Lego Store and Appartment

    The interior design on the apartment is a knock-out! Great job!
  6. thrak76

    Cunctator's city

    Impressive in scale! I really like all of the enlarged buildings. It really adds to the town. Did I spy a brick built wind turbine?
  7. thrak76

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    So, i've joined the RA - and i've written and posted my first review. I wonder if the RA is still an active component of EB? It took many days to get any C&C (or teaching), and now after my quick edits and revisions, it has now stalled about a week, along with another review that hasn't even been touched since it's first post two weeks ago. I understand people are busy, but there are quite a few teachers in RA. I'd like to know if this normal for RA? I was looking forward to its benefits - but I was also eager to write some reviews. I have some reviews backlogged now while I wait for my very first review to be approved...
  8. thrak76

    Book II: Challenge One B- Tower of Abaddon

    Wow. Very cool! It sure does look menacing. I really like the doors, the dome (and it's adornment), and the terrain/walkway. Inspiring!
  9. thrak76

    MOC: Old Fortifications

    Nice build! It looks nicely weathered, with a good rock perch. Couldn't really tell that it had a lean to it until looking at the flickr pics.
  10. thrak76

    I didn't expect this!

    That's a nice reflection on growing up with (or without) Lego, ShaydDeGrai. I can identify with some of your sentiments.
  11. thrak76

    I didn't expect this!

    I just received a 10232 Palace Cinema set. This is my first Modular building set, and the largest Lego set I've ever received. While I knew that the piece count was 2000+, and i had an idea of the finished size of the set... I did not expect the huge box that it would be in! Wowzah! It's exciting and intimidating at the same time to behold the box! I'm resisting tearing into this beast because there's a few other sets I'd like to assemble first for the Reviewer Academy. Anyone else surprised at the size of the box of their first "large" set?
  12. thrak76

    WIP - Town Layout - Brickeyville

    Nice start to what sounds like an epic project! I look forward to watching it progress.
  13. thrak76

    REVIEW: Friends Animals Series 3

    Great reviews on all 3 waves of these animal collectibles! I just picked up a couple bags from waves 2 & 3, and I think I'm hooked.
  14. thrak76

    Wargs of the Misty Mountains

    Awesome Warg rock! Very good execution.
  15. thrak76

    A Minifig's (Re)view: 10243 Parisian Restaurant

    A thoroughly enjoyable review MetroiD! I will admit, I stopped watching the time-lapse after the 1st floor construction because I still want some mystery when I build it myself!