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  1. Spencer_R

    [MOC] Architecture 21028 NYC: Super Sized

    Yes it is modular, all five of the bases are connected by technic pins.
  2. Spencer_R

    [MOC] Architecture 21028 NYC: Super Sized

    Check my Flickr albums or Brickshelf gallery There are some shots of the individual models in the album folders.
  3. LEGO Architecture New York City: Super Sized by Spencer_R, on Flickr Since I had already built The Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and One World Trade Center… I thought: Why Not? Here is my version of the LEGO Architecture 21028 NYC set, supersized to 1/650th scale.
  4. Spencer_R

    Architecture 2017

    Sears and Marina City are a given for Chicago. Technic gears will probably be used for the latter. John Hancock Center is likely, but not the stepped design found in the original version. Somebody built a nice architecture set sized version that tapered in one direction a few years ago. I don't know if TLG would want to touch the Trump name, or pay out licensing royalties to their organization. I'm excited to be getting a "Chicago" printed tile that I can add to my custom landmark mocs.
  5. Spencer_R

    [Local Landmark] HVB TowerMunich

    Love the way those 1x2 rail plates stick above the roof line.
  6. Spencer_R

    Architecture 2016

    Certainly possible... Taipeh101 by Harald P., on Flickr
  7. Spencer_R

    [MOC] Seagram Building, New York

    Glass for Window 4 x 4 x 3 Roof I'm using tan colored parts underneath to give it a little greenish tint.
  8. I've finished my latest 1/650th scale skyscraper model, the famous Seagram Building in New York City Seagram Building, New York by Spencer_R, on Flickr
  9. Spencer_R

    [MOC architecture] The Colosseum

    Fantastically original!
  10. Hmm, just noticed the crew ingress/egress hatch appears to be on the wrong side of the model.
  11. Spencer_R

    MOC: Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong

    Yes. Small cut pieces of flex tube fed into headlight bricks.
  12. Here's my latest: I.M. Pei's Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong. Roughly 1/650th scale. The tower footprint is only ~10x10 studs. As a bonus, I built a second model as a structural demonstrator to illustrate with color the different internal structural systems used in the MOC.
  13. Are there any pictures of the overall skyline display at TRU or the other two models mentioned?