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    ky-e's 1:1250 fleet

    Amazing models - the MC80 takes the cake in my opinion, and I also like the CR90s and the Pelta-Class!
  2. Hello there! Some might remember me as the one who always was confident that we would eventually get a new UCS Millennium Falcon back in the days when there was speculation galore. I always wanted one, but I was not willing to pay 800 Euros for a set, even one as cool as the MF. Before christmas last year, however, I managed to get one for slightly over 600 Euros and finally pulled the trigger. Even before I received the enormous box I decided to not build the model according to the instructions from start to finish, but to built the majority of the outer shell and the details myself. First of all, I wanted to get cleaner lines and surfaces, especially on the circular hull plating and the mandibles, as well as creating movie-accurate detail. As for the detail, I aimed to build the clips to which the piping is attached into the plane of plates, so that all the pipes are resting flush on the hull plating. I also didn't want to bend soft or rigid hoses to create piping detail. As a general guideline, I always opt to achieve a 'clean', pleasing-looking finish, and I'm willing to approximate details in order to achieve that rather than trying to build them as closely to the reference material as possible, often ending up with something that looks super-accurate but clunky in Lego form. That's simply a matter of building style, not of 'right' or 'wrong'. Also, I avoid results that look cool but are wobbly. I start this thread because the model is finished for now, with all major problems on the outer shell solved and all outer details built and attached. As for the circular plating, I went with a 'pizza-slices'-approach, since that gave me clean edges and the right directions of the studs to achieve the piping like I described above and also get the right shapes and alignments for various coloured parts of the hull. I also moved the maintenance acces ports in the mandibles two studs to the front to create space for the circular plating and more accurate proportions in that whole area. In the coming months, I will most propably improve some things here and there, as is usually the case with such a huge model, and maybe tackle incorporating a full interior. We'll se about that. As for now, here are the first two photos of the heavily modified build, and I'll post more in the coming days. I hope you like it - in any case, tell me what you think!
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    [MF-MOD] "I've added some special modifications myself"

    Thanx a lot, guys! I plan to make more photos in the upcoming days. Creating instructions is both time-consuming and something I have no experience with. I have other time-consuming hobbies, like actually building, modifying and painting Star Wars model kits to look as close to the original studio models as possible, like Red 2 and Gold Leader which I built and painted last year: Or painting Star Wars Miniatures for tabletop gaming: So that you get an idea why I don't want to make instructions. That being said, I can post photos breaking down the various elements to give you an idea how I arrived at the shapes so far. I will definitely make more photos of my Falcon and post them here. I will also continue tinkering with it. Thanx, ScottishDave - I'm familiar with your exhaustive work on the original UCS Falcon, and your praise means quite a lot to me. Just watch this space - I will grant a look under the skirt.
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    ISD Intimidator, Monarch, or Eviscerator?

    You're welcome - I'm looking forward to a new version.
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    ISD Intimidator, Monarch, or Eviscerator?

    It totally is. And Lucas specifically hired Kershner for the main shoot, so that he can focus on supervising the effects shoot himself - as seen in the photo you posted - since he realized that the effects shoot would be much more involving and complex than in A New Hope, and since the stress of supervising everything in A New Hope negatively impacted his health.
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    ISD Intimidator, Monarch, or Eviscerator?

    They actually changed A LOT when they built a new studio model for ESB. From the texture to all small details to the shape of the guns and even the proportions. The model also was twice as big as the STD from the first movie. Apart from the basic shape and layout, the STDs from A New Hope and Rogue One are very different to those from ESB and RotJ. Also:The photo you posted with Lucas on the left side is not from the filming of A New Hope but from The Empire Strikes Back.
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    ISD Intimidator, Monarch, or Eviscerator?

    These digital models are not as accurate as they seem when it comes to details. If you want to study the details of the original studio model used in ESB and RotJ, then reference good pictures of the original studio model. This is not to say that your model is flawed - it's amazing, actually. The original studio model: http://www.modelermagic.com/?p=59701
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    Fraud MOC sellers.

    Where I come from, people who make a profit off someone elses work and effort without compensating or even acknowledging the original creator are called something describing a particular rear end of the human body with a hole in it through which waste is disposed of.
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    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Long time no see... I finally pulled the trigger on this one when I saw it for slightly over 600 EUR, and I slowly but gradually MOC most major elements to give it cleaner lines, smoother plating and accurate detail. Here are a couple WIP-impressions:
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    [MOC] Argus III: CR90 Corvette

    Since TheNerdyOne_ posted his first ships for his Rebel Fleet, I was inspired to build some capital rebel ships myself. The CR90 (a.k.a. Corellian Corvette or Blockade Runner) is propably my favorite rebel capital ship - its fast and pretty maneuverable for its size, heavily armed, easy to reconfigure for different tasks, and most importantly of all, it has interesting shapes as a model and a nice contrast between its elegant long shape and the massive engine array on the back. I initially started by building TheNerdyOne_'s Corvette according to his LDD files, but I quickly realized that this model could not be built with bricks without the application of glue. So, while his model still remained my inspiration, I set out to do what's most fun with LEGO: Come up with my very own build. The model is roughly the scale of TheNerdyOne_'s Corvette - it's slightly bigger - and built very differently to his model, so that I can now with confidence call it a MOC of my own. The core consists of alternating layers of bricks and two plates stacked in multiples with a footprint of 2x3 and 2x5 studs, with modified studs (one stud on the side) running along the middle. 1xX plates are connected to the studs that run along the sides of the core structure in the middle and make for a super-sturdy base with studs on the front, sides, and optionally on top and bottom where needed. Both the engine array and the display stand are connected deep into or with the core, which results in one of the most sturdy models I have ever build. The ship I built I have christened 'ARGUS III'. It's a ship attached to Phoenix Squadron which has been outfitted with a very powerful sensor array and the capability to mask its signature to some extend. The ARGUS III has been used on several occasions by FULCRUM (Ahsoka Tano) to spy on imperial facilities and intercept secret imperial transmissions - lastly near Mustafar. I hope you like the model, and I hope @TheNerdyOne_ likes it, too - your fleet is the inspiration for my own fleet, which will hopefully join the ARGUS III in time.
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    [MOC] AT-DP from Star Wars Rebels

    I 'm planning on getting the Lego AT-DP set soon for the Agent Kallus minifig. Being an AFOL MOCer, though, I thought to myself: Why not build the vehicle right now? It's one of the three iconic 'Rebels'-specific vehicles in my eyes, alongside the Imperial Troop Transport and the Ghost. My aim was to build it as clean and accurate as possible. This meant to get the legs as thin as possible without compromising stability, which I think I succeeded in quite well. Here's the model: I didn't manage to add an opening hatch at the top, but made a hole that fits a minifig covered by a 2x4 tile that is not attached to any studs: The whole plating on the top of the cockpit area can bi hinged open to gain easy access to the interior which comfortably fits two drivers and is also built as clean as possible: I hope you like it. Constructive criticism and comments are welcome!
  12. Since I could not find any Star Wars REBELS MOCs in the MOC index, neither mine nor those of other MOCers, and since the MOC index has no category for MOCs based on the Star Wars REBELS animated series, I decided to collect all of my vehicles here in this thread for easy reference and document them with nicely edited photographs. This obviously means that I will update this thread regularly, since I continually build MOCs based on the show - from tiny speeder bikes to large transports. The GHOST This MOC is finished at last. This final version has been improved by building the outer edges in SNOT, which results in straight edges that perfectly define the basic shape of the ship and a cleaner, smoother look. Also, the proportions have been improved by elongating the hull between the dorsal gun turret and the PHANTOM's docking station by two studs and making the main engines as well as the fin a bit longer, too. The model is built at roughly half-minifig-scale, but fits minifigs in the cockpit and at the battle stations and also sports some other interior and play features. The PHANTOM can also be detached from the GHOST and has room for a minifig in the cockpit and another minifig or up to two cargo containers in the passenger/cargo area. The model is 62 studs long, 44 studs wide and 21 studs high. ***Will be updated with more pictures.*** ____________________________________________________________ Imperial Assault Carrier (Gozanti Class Cruiser) This MOC is finished and also includes a quite roomy interior. as with all my builds, it is very sturdy and can be picked up easily at the wings. As of now, the model has a retractable landing gear, but it is a little bit flimsy for the weight of the model and needs reinforcing when deployed. The model is built at roughly half-minifig-scale and is in scale to the GHOST. The model is 81 studs long, 40 studs wide and 20 studs high. ***Will be updated with more pictures.*** ____________________________________________________________ ***Pictures of other, smaller completed MOCs will follow.*** Enjoy!
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    [MOC] The GHOST from Star Wars: Rebels

    It's been a while since I posted a Lego Star Wars creation here, and now the time has come for a huge one. The GHOST, Hera's armed and armoured transport with stealth and cloacking technology, has to be my new favorite spacecraft in the whole Star Wars movies and animated series. It's definitely a significant step-up from the prequel and Clone Wars designs in that it manages a sturdy, no-nonsense look with some obvious allusions to World War 2 aircraft. Also, the GHOST is home to and base of operations of a great crew. So, it was only natural to put the characterful, yet very small-ish and stubby Lego set aside and build my own from scratch. What's more, I haven't yet seen any larger MOC of the GHOST anywhere on the internet, so to be the first to do a significantly larger version was an additional incentive. Size does matter and yet it doesn't... Although it is possible to build this ship in minifig-scale, I settled for a half-minifig scale. That way, the final build could still be picked up as a whole, even though the model turned out to be more heavy than I thought. Also, space is a factor for me - in true minifig scale, the GHOST would be larger than the UCS Millenium Falcon in all dimensions and would never fit onto my display shelf. Lastly, the half-minifig scale is still large enough to include interior for the minifigs and some features. As always with my MOCs, I went for stability and correct proportions, shapes and angles. The MOCs I posted here before were largely small or tiny models: droids, Clone Walkers, Speeder Bikes, with an AT-ST and Ahsoka Tano's starfighter being the largest of them. In that regard, the GHOST turned out to be a nice challenge, and was a very fun build that stretched across the past week. I don't know if it was a good eye for the right proportions on my part, inspiration or sheer luck, but all the angled surfaces and the sturdy framework underpinning those came together without any major hickups and difficulties. Enough of my ramblings, here's the largest MOC (by far!) I've done, yet. Please comment, like, leave constructive criticism, or just tell everyone whether you like the design of this starship or not and why. Of course, the PHANTOM is detachable from the GHOST. I've not made a photo with the PHANTOM detached, but as you can see, when attached to the GHOST, it fits snuggly and tight. Please note that I will replace the white modified 8x1 plate that makes the outer edge of the folded-up s-foils with a yellow one like the plate-element right next to it to complete the colour scheme in that area. Next is the GHOST resting on it's landing gear, which is retractable and completely folds up into the hull. The mechanism is quite simple and very sturdy. I'll post a seperate photo of how this mechanism is built later, Since half-minifig-scale doesn't allow for a minifig-sized door and entrance, I built it so that it can hold a cargo-container. The section in-between the cockpit and the dorsal gun turret. This section is quite a bit longer than the tiny cargo hold it represents in the Lego set, and I designed the interior to represent the corridor that leads to the individual crew quarters behind the cockpit area. I also extended the area behind the pilot seat (which is hidden under the cockpit canopy here) to represent the large cockpit with panel padding and some tech stations to either side, as seen in the show. The larger build also allowed for some interior behind the dorsal gun turret. I built it as an open space with two lockers, one on each side. This could be a maintenance area. It's possible that I will re-design it later to represent some other area. The front gunner bubble and the cockpit canopy are part of a small modular build that can be detached easily to get acces to the pilot seat and the front gunnery station and put a minifig in each. I hope you enjoyed it.
  14. It's been a while since I last posted a new MOC, and this thread is more of a teaser or first look at my work-in-progress. Yes, I'm building an adversary for my GHOST from Star Wars Rebels - the Imperial Assault Carrier which was also played an important role in the show's excellent first season finale. I spent some hobby hours last week sketch-building and coming up with a sturdy framework for this beast. Once I was happy with the proportions and the sketch build proved to be sturdy and durable, I started building the model in earnest this friday. This ship is in scale to my GHOST, which is roughly half-minifig scale at 60 studs. The Imperial Assault Carrier is 80 studs long. There's a lot of room in the main body and the bridge section to fit a lot of interior, which I will tackle once the hull is done. What you can't see in these first two WIP pics is the underside, which is also as good as finished and also sports retractable landing gear! So, here are the first two teaser pics I wanted to share with you, since I'm quite excited to get this thing finished now that all problems have been solved. The darn thing is too big to fit into my light tent, so I will have to come up with another method to get nice even lighting when I will take pictures of the finished model. My GHOST has also been improved further - new pics are to follow in the respective MOC thread, soon. Of course, once the Imperial Assault Carrier is finished, I will also take some pictures with both the Carrier and the GHOST side-by-side.
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    The Best 2015 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.19

    I vote for Ahsoka! ...Oh, wait. No... Admiral Yularen it is!
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    [MOC] Rebel U-wing from Rogue One

    I'm currently busy collecting minifigure parts for and assembling lots of new, original Star Wars characters for a slightly fanboyish and ambitioned continuation of a certain story, leading into new stories around favored characters and lots of new ones. We'll see where this will go, if anywhere... In the meantime, I assembled a new MOC of the Rebel U-wing featured in Rogue One. I like this ship because it presents a new, sturdy and easily recognizable shape among the already established rebel ships, and because I love the idea of a troop-transport with hyperspace capability, as befits the tactics employed by the rebels. I went for stability and sturdyness - as I like to do - and getting the shapes and proportions right. A sleek appearance also was a main goal, so as to underline the straight, sharp lines defining the design of this craft. I hope you like it: The cockpit section can be removed to access the pilot seat and the (smallish) troop compartment: The wings fold back and line up perfectly with the back section of the fuselage to which the engines are attached, leaving no gap in flight mode. When in flight mode, the wings snap into place via a ball joint-connection similar to the official set. When in landing mode, the inner side of each wing is firmly attached to the side of the front part of the fuselage via two studs: The doors to each side of the troop compartment slide open and close without leaving gaps: Enjoy, comment, nitpick, or just leave a reply.
  17. First of all, I'm happy Ahsoka won - both the character and the minifigure have earned that. Second - nice screencap from Jangbrick's review! I second that. Alternatively, instead of looking for the best minifigure of a particular year, you could make eliminations based on themes: Best Jedi Order minifig, best Sith minifig, best clone trooper minifig, best bounty hunter minifig, best rebel minifig; or make eliminations based on variants of single characters. There's a lot of potential here.
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    [MOCs] Battlegroup Fulcrum - a Rebel Fleet

    The time has come for me to finally assemble a rebel fleet of my own. For this reason, I will post all my rebel ships for this fleet-building-project here, so that everything can be found in one place. First - two basics for this project: The scale for all ships in this fleet is 3 studs equal 10 metres. However, I expect and don't mind deviations of a stud or two or the thickness of a plate - at the end of the day, I want the builds to be clean and sturdy, and not be a slave to increments of a millimeter or so. Thanks, krisandkris12. Here's my take on the lighting for this project: Each ship in my fleet will come with a short description and/or history, and will be presented in a way that mimics the lighting schemes and space backdrops of the show and the movies. The lighting in these images is therefore deliberate - I use a single strong key-light and significantly reduced ambient light to create the lighting schemes of both the show and the movies, as opposed to the typical white light box. The ARGUS III This CR90 Corellian Corvette was attached to Phoenix Squadron and has been modified with a more powerful sensor array and some sensor cloaking capabilities. In the early days of the Rebellion, the Argus III was used by Ahsoka Tano - communicating as 'Fulcrum' - on espionage missions deep in imperial territory and to intercept secret imperial transmissions. Commander Tano used the information gained to organize the first missions for several fledgling rebel cells, especially that on Lothal and later for Phoenix Squadron. The last mission under the command of Ahsoka took the Argus III near Mustafar. After Commander Tano disappeared, the small battlegroup which has formed around the Argus III took the name 'Battlegroup Fulcrum' in honour of the former Jedi and mentor to many rebel cells. Battlegroup Fulcrum remains loosely attached to Phoenix Squadron, but is a specialized task force for tricky missions which often operates on its own and on several occasions in concert with other squadrons. The Argus III was present during the battle over Scarif following Admiral Raddus' call to battle, but even its powerful sensor array could not penetrate the closed energy shield of the imperial security complex. It sustained heavy damage during the battle, but managed to escape and was repaired within 60 standard rotations. Thanks, mortesv. My latest brick-order including a few transparent orange dishes arrived yesterday: Thanks, TheNerdyOne_ - I'm happy to oblige : HAULER B - 'The Lucky One' GR75 transports are a dime and a dozen in the Rebel Alliance. This one has a history with the Argus III as a dedicated tanker to supply the Corvette on its long missions deep in imperial territory far from non-imperial fuel stations. The Hauler B's nav-computer was fed with encrypted data of secret hyperspace routes Fulcrum obtained from Jedi Master Piel during the Clone Wars before he died. It also is crewed by former smugglers who are expert at evading imperial inspections and customs checkpoints. While the Rebel Alliance's GR75s usually can count on fighters and blockade runners to safely escort them through armed opposition, the crew of the Hauler B had to learn to oftentimes operate on their own and become very creative in evading and outsmarting the Imperials. So far, they got away with it, which earned the Hauler B the nickname 'The Lucky One', even though its crew insists that there is no such thing as luck. A-WING FIGHTER GROUPS 1 & 2 Battlegroup Fulcrum uses the A-wing as their standard fighter just like Phoenix Squadron to which it remains loosely attached. Three A-wings typically accompany the Argus III on missions. When not in action, these A-wings can be attached to the two docking rings and the passenger access lift of the Corvette. That's it for starters, but more ships are to come since building at this scale is fun and challenging. Comments are welcome, plus ideas and suggestions what to add to Battlegroup Fulcrum and why.
  19. Don't count on it. Ahsoka's story did not end on Malachor, and she will play a very important role further down the line.
  20. How long will this final voting round go to determine the winner?
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    [MOC/Mod] Green 2 L'ulo L'ampar's RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor

    Another beautiful rendition of my favorite rebel starfighter. I like how you have mirrored the wedge slopes on the front of the model. I also like how the fuselage directly behind the cockpit canopy is built and shaped - I will take a cue from this and re-visit my latest A-wing version to improve this part of the model accordingly. I only wonder if the engines in your version are abit too long. Making them a bit longer is a good call, since the engines of the official versions are all too short in comparison to the rest of the vehicle, but I think you maybe went a bit too far. Nonetheless - great model!
  22. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    [LDD] Mortesv's CR90 corvette (reverse-engineered version)

    Great to finally see some builds come together here. As for a faithful reproduction of the Tantive IV studio model, I've found one thing that could be changed. What I'm speaking of is the starboard (right) side of the Tantive IV - the section between the escape pod section and the docking rings. As for the port (left) side of that section, you find two narrow sloped and slanted fins or ridges going from the top and underside of the docking ring to the centre top and bottom end of the escape pod sections - represented on mortesv's great model by the angled flag pieces. On the starboard side, however, the lower fin (or ridge) does not go all the way to the centre bottom end of the escape pod section, but stops 2/3 of the way and meets a vertical fin or ridge. Interstingly enough, this leftover from the early design stages of the ship as the original Millenium Falcon was there to leave space for a large access hatch and was kept even after the studio decided to make the Blockade Runner Leia's larger ship, and has also been recreated faithfully on the digital Rogue One Tantive IV. The Clone Wars-model of the Tantive IV has 'corrected' this feature and left out that gap, and the covettes in the REBELS show do not have that gap, either. I wonder if the Roque One-versions of the corvettes from the REBELS show have that gap or not - but maybe this goes a bit too far with the detail. Just to play devil's advocate... It goes without saying that you do not absolutely need to incorporate this quirk into your model, I just want to point it out for those who do and missed that part until now as I did. https://www.google.de/search?q=tantive+iv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwixpc2C6N_TAhXMDywKHXWaDGIQ_AUIBigB&biw=1024&bih=488#imgrc=2CtlripSI-S1MM: You can also see it on my screenshot from Rogue One on the page before in this thread.
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    [LDD] Mortesv's CR90 corvette (reverse-engineered version)

    For my Corvette, yes, because its story is firmly rooted within the show. Just out of curiosity, I studied the Tantive IV as it is shown in Rogue One. At the end of the movie, there's a short scene where it directly passes the camera. Clicking through the quick sequence frame by frame, I was able to grab a screenshot where the starboard docking ring points directly at the camera. I know quite a bit about 3d models, perspectives etc. and how easy it is to get a wrong impression because of a slightly off-centre perspective, so I chose a structure to visually indicate when I had the correct frame - the docking apparatus on the lower end of the passenger lift section (in the red box). If you'd look at the frame directly before or after the chosen frame, the edges of the front and rear little cylinder of this apparatus are round because the camera is not pointed directly at its centre. In the frame I've chosen, they are straight - strongly suggesting that the vertical camera-axis is parallel to a vertical axis going through the apparatus' centre. Also, the round docking ring is perfectly at the centre of the cylinder in which it is housed. I don't need to be right, I just find it interesting. At the end of the day, this is a nitpick either way.
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    [LDD] Mortesv's CR90 corvette (reverse-engineered version)

    No, it doesnt. I offset mine by the thickness of one plate...