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    Conan the Barbarian

    guess you aren´t limited to elves:) but i had already told you that. Very good rendition of the barbarian and i agree with Drnightmare... You know what you´re next creation is going to be truly,i think you´re the slickest decal designer around here lately,keep it up!!
  2. Aveal  the black sheep

    Elf torso decals

    Very nice,specially the torso thank you for considering my suggestion,im glad you like it.The way the elf world is separated by games workshop(warhammer) is wood elves(our classical elves with lots of green and brown and ranger like stuff),shadow elves(Not really my taste,basicaly they are dark nasty elves in darker tones purple,black,stuff like that) and then the high elves(rich elves,in the colour scheme i suggested). I do not collect warhammer myself but i find it a tremendous place to draw inspiration from,it as a really detail fantasy world. On to more suggestions, in blue torso maibe you could recolor the gems,perhaps red,so it would stand out,right now it is just lost in the middle i think. Also you could try putting gems on the shields...looking at it in blue i noticed that the original shield as room for a gem but doesn't have it.try that if you like The brown on the blue tends to clash a bit,maibe also a white cloak could look better:) also try gold instead of silver for the higher ranked elves. And never neglect your work,for it is what pays for lego i myself am ansiously working on finishing college(should happen this summer) so i can start making money to blow in Lego Regards
  3. Aveal  the black sheep

    Elf torso decals

    Very good you can´t even see it´s a sticker. did you just print it out on sticker paper in a normal printer? I like the result but you´ll definitely need to figure something out about their hair, would look dull if all had the same hair. Have no idea on what you could do though. maibe just regular hairpieces that feel suitable. Also could you be more regular and do more and more decals?i eagerly check this thread every single day,but you only do it every three days or so ... just kidding of course Still no decal paper,might give it a go at sticker,since i also have that plain torso wizard you used(and the blue one which also has plain torso). See you
  4. Aveal  the black sheep

    Elf torso decals

    Another sweet delivery!great job! Yup they´re used in car and planes,but people always use the ones all ready from the kit i guess,no one does model planes or cars from scratch i think(you never know).I´ll check at a local model shop otherwise i´ll just order some online. regarding the facial hair subject,i thinking you decided well,is rare to see a elf with it,even older ones(really the elder face). you can try to make one and see,but i don´t think it would work well. Also i was thinking what do you think of making some torsos in Blue/white/silver,something like that,in the ways of the High elves from Warhammer? I have not clue where you get your elf imaginary from ,but my comes (among other more classic places) a bit from there,so just wandering. I tried to buy a elf today at the local store,but they were out,of course Well keep it up! P.s: Dwarf talking: 'Only a faggot little pointy eared one would use a elk on the shield '
  5. Aveal  the black sheep

    Elf torso decals

    thanks,that´s one pretty bucket you got,very nice heroes!but these new elves are without doubt your masterpiece,at least my favorites. i definitely want to try them out,but decal paper seems to be a non-existing resource in my country,ever since i gained some interest in customization some months ago,i´ve looked everywhere but no luck. I don´t even know if we have a portuguese word for 'decal' i could use stickers but i don´t really like how it looks. Oh well,enough rambling, i´ll just eagerly await that you get all your elves,post them so i can drool on my keyboard abit See you
  6. Aveal  the black sheep

    Elf torso decals

    Really nice job Ed keep it up. What we know want to see is the designs on actual minifigs,have you or anyone here applied some? Show it! also do you have anymore designs of other stuff? i´ve looked up around the forums but to no luck. all the best
  7. Aveal  the black sheep

    The Penguin's Castle Minifigures..... )

    Very nice work penguin,just spent about 45 minutes looking trough the whole thing =) i love it,specially the creatures,like the naga or the efrit. Also your mages are very good looking,i might try doing some off my own,based on yours As for ideas the only HMM i played was 3,not familiar with the rest,but you should definitely use your great painting skills and present us with a dragon. a old lego dragon(not fond of the new ones) painted in gold or the hidra.Could also try to make golems,and a nightmare(some i´ve been thinking on doing,it would make for a great paint job) Anyways keep it up,this just got on bookmarks on my browser See ya
  8. Chill i wasn´t really complaining i was just sharing my thought. I did it on this post cause i found it was apropriated,i came here looking to see if anyone had made the ships i was trying to make so hard so i posted it here. Sorry for my mistake See you
  9. why is it impossible to finish any ship in ldd? i´ve tried a bunch and can´t even finish the small ones, its either hull parts or small masts=/ wish ldd had every single piece
  10. Aveal  the black sheep

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    it would be something like this
  11. Aveal  the black sheep

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    You´re right,while it says it´s an official statement the internet as that problem we´ll only be sure when we see images and stuff on Lego site. As far as i know there´s nothing featuring this themes on the first catalog of 2011 or anywhere as the new releases will be ninjago and pharao´s quest. But that doesn´t mean we can´t discuss/dream about what will/could be this theme .That said.. Multiple ships,although me and pretty much every mate here would definitely love it(what are pirates without ships anyway),me thinks is unlikely,at least not at once. one thing that could happen is the Pearl being released along the Exclusive line,like the (amazing ) Imperial Flagship. That way it could be a well detailed Black pearl like the ship deserves. Leaving room for a smaller ship as one of the main line sets,something like the Interceptor. In my opinion we could actually get all of them ships,if the line is sucessfull and continues for some years. I agree with your ideas dan, there as to be a fort/harbour of some kind that probably being port royal from the first movie. Also yes,we have to acount for the new movie,some sets,if not the majority(with the older ones being released later) will come from there. looking into to that i just saw that penelope cruz will appear in the movie....forget will and elizabeth minifigs...who wouldn´t want a penelope cruz minifig
  12. Aveal  the black sheep

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    hey finally oficial=) this is gonna be great! i got a question to you guys what do you think the 8 building sets will be?? I think a Black Pearl is mandatory as is that i get him as soon as it gets out...or even better the flying dutchman. Also great that huge wheel where jack fights someone(i can´t remember who) could be a nice set. Locations i´d like the Tia dalma´s hut or that place with the asian pirates. Could have a kraken almost forgot the minifigs on this are probably gonna be the best gosh i didn´t thought this trough ,the potential here seems tremendous. Let me know what you think mates!
  13. Aveal  the black sheep

    Ye Old Forge

    Want It! Want To Live In It! :D Best medieval house i have ever seen,good job mate! Keep them coming
  14. Aveal  the black sheep

    4 new MLCAD Ships WIPs

    These are wonderfull,if been trying to build some ships in LDD but failed. Seeing what you were able to do with mlcad is definitely inspiring,i´ll try it myself. One think i really struggle with in both programs is that Ldd snaps the pieces in place which is great but sometimes it won´t go to where you want, can´t it be turned off? On mlcad the problem is the opposite,the lack of a snap feature makes it really time consuming. How do you work this out? and to you plan the ships ahead,like draw them on paper first? Again awesome work, keep them coming
  15. Aveal  the black sheep

    Adrianna - Imperial ship

    Amazing work...wish my first MOC will turn this good!
  16. Aveal  the black sheep

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    Awesome,an entry really worth commenting ...love the poses with the leg off,the cannon firing, but my favorite as to be the wedgeee.Soberb! good work
  17. Aveal  the black sheep

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    Awesome entry good work mate! But yes it looks like the winners are already decided, the blues now have pretty much all the major red´s heads stuck in glass jars, and who ever is left is sure to follow. Guess this will help me decide which side to takev
  18. Aveal  the black sheep

    RULES Redcoat vs. Bluecoat Tournament of Retribution II RULES

    thanks commodore! I´ve decided i´ll sit this one down,it´s still to early i just got here. So i´ll just observe how it goes,get some pirate legos first and get ready for next years ToR Also it´ll give time to see who is right,you or croissant, and then i´ll pick my side
  19. Aveal  the black sheep

    RULES Redcoat vs. Bluecoat Tournament of Retribution II RULES

    Thank you admiral... Do ye happen to have a spare bluecoat and a spare redcoat you can send me ? hmmm maibe i´ll only be in time for ToR III, i have to see if i can get some imperial.any suggestion on a first set? As you were so kind sir,i´ll be sure to choose the blue side when opportunity arises... with a little of my pirate side always sowing of course. See ya!
  20. Aveal  the black sheep

    RULES Redcoat vs. Bluecoat Tournament of Retribution II RULES

    can i still register and participate? also,seeing as it is a comic,does it have to be with photos of real imperial and bricks or can it be drawn? cause i´m my piraty life and got nothing yet,the prizes would be a good start Also got no idea which side to pick,i´m a pirate not a bloody imperial Arrr!
  21. Aveal  the black sheep

    Green Coats?

    ARrrr... green coats or not i think we should have the pirate faction. I just got here and i been reading all the forum for the last week and is peculiar that a pirate lego forum is filled with pesky imperials either be they blue or red... Pirates out there unite! lets kick some imperial booty!
  22. searching for treasure.

  23. Aveal  the black sheep

    Treasure count

    I would be bold enough to try and steal it has my current treasure is 0 coins 0 diamonds but you probably have it well guarded or buried really deep don´t you?
  24. Aveal  the black sheep

    To add backpacks or not?

    hey everyone...first post yeeeppi Anyway i thing that is it ground troops should have backpacks and navy one shouldn´t. but in the end i can always take the backpack so it could also be everyone has them in that way you could have more choice