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  1. Aveal  the black sheep

    Decal Wish List

    Hope you like it, anything you want changed let me know :) I will try to get the Operator done as well
  2. Aveal  the black sheep

    Decal Wish List

    I just fulfilled a request for Calanon and sent them over via private message, should I still post them here?Couldn't get if the old rule holds or not :P. Also they are starwars decals that are missing from the Star Wars Decal Index, how can I put them up there? Cheers
  3. Aveal  the black sheep

    Ian Malcolm (jurassic park/world) (decals)

    Nice decal, there is some room for improvement but still, good try. Did you base yourself on the Lego JUrassic World game? I think the characters from the original JP should definitely be done!
  4. Good job, specially like the universe ones cause ya I played it too and miss it too. I vaguely recall the orange wizard(can't remember the name) that I thought would be a cool fig. Thinking of doing him?
  5. Aveal  the black sheep

    Design Question/Reflexion

    Hello fellow customizers, I thought of putting something out here for discussion. Recently on my minifig design process I came across a issue, belts.For me up until now, in my designs, belts would always be placed on the hip part as to me that is the minifig waist.Looking at the lego minifigs (and other peoples designs) I noticed that is not always the case. In fact the majority of belts and waist lines is placed on the torso, and I could not find a criteria for when TLG puts them on one or the other. To me the hip part makes more sense as it leaves more room on the torso for torso related details and more its a more clear definition of a waist line. Anyone ever thought about this? I would love to hear some opinions on the matter from other people that design customs minifigs. Thanks in advance and hope I wasn't too long Cheers
  6. Aveal  the black sheep

    Olympian Decals

    Great work! It's a while seen I've posted here but since is a theme I like and I also share your concern on keep my decals with TLC feel, I thought I could comment. The designs are really good but if you allow me I'll suggest 2 things: -On zeus I'd add some detail on the medallion that hold the toga, some greek pattern or even a little thunder, could look cool and had depth to the design. - On the armor I'm no so sure about the abdominal area, its based on the lego one I know, but perhaps base it one of the muscled torsos would produce something better. But again it's just my taste, you may like it as is :) Anyway looking forward to seeing the completed minifigs Cheers
  7. Aveal  the black sheep

    League of Legens: Ahri and Olaf

    Sweet! Nice customs you got there, good too see you back at work as there aren't many league of legends customers ou there Ahri is one of my favorite champions and I like you're rendition of her. It's good to start with a hair piece as base, for the back I suggested you use more putty and make it more natural ( perhaps cut a little of the original piece sacrilege!!) also I would give more volume to each tails and perhaps put them opened up, would look cooler than then being all down (but may be harder to do, and perhaps would unbalance the minifig).One more thing, you could try to paint the details on her sleeves,would add for extra detail. As for Olaf,also pretty neat job. like the wristbands you put and the helmet is nice. The only thing I see you could perhaps improve is the beard, I would make it a lighter color blonde or orange. Also consider making it "taller",like, covering a little of the face like lego beards do. Anyways keep up the good work, hope to see more of your LoL figs soon
  8. Aveal  the black sheep

    Space Invaders

    Pretty nice combos again got to love the two headed one. Good job!
  9. Aveal  the black sheep

    Iblis the Red

    Very nice (mean :p) demon! Like your other figs as well, you come up with some sick combinations. Keep it up!
  10. Aveal  the black sheep

    My Custom Minifigs

    Great collection of purist figs specially like your more western ones, they're quiet flavorfull. Your D'Artagnan and the cardinal's guard are also nice! Good job
  11. Aveal  the black sheep

    Heroica RPG - Quest #51: A Shanty for Science

    Barur also handles 50 gold to Chalvo
  12. Aveal  the black sheep

    Kakashi Hatake

    yes it looks a bit more like ransengan, but it's the chidori pose, guess the thing here is that James doesn't know naruto, I just sent him a reference pic for the pose Spider-Man I'm still waiting on that work from the project from before but your other ones are great,good job
  13. Aveal  the black sheep

    Heroica RPG - Quest #51: A Shanty for Science

    Barur also joins and stands by the other side of Arthur,silent.
  14. Aveal  the black sheep

    Kakashi Hatake

    Hello eurobrickers, here is my decal for Kakashi from the naruto anime after seeing a couple of versions of him and spyderman's nice naruto figs I decided to release one of my drawings Also James(Jamit in the forums) was kind enough to do me a sweet render of him doing his signature move Chidori xD thanks again mate Well opinions are welcome and stay tuned for more soon
  15. Aveal  the black sheep

    Heroica RPG - Quest #51: A Shanty for Science

    "My thanks Arthur" they dwarf also said picking up his bombs,and putting then on his pouch. He then sat for a moment by De'kra to catch his breath "Worry not master De'kra, they're all gone now" his smiled widened as he said it although he could tell if the little robed figure was better or not.