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    I Have extra Batman Polybags

    I'd be interested in 5 retail + shipping if you'd be willing to ship them to Australia.
  2. Mainee

    Star Wars Lot for Sale

    I'd take Group D if you're willing to ship to Australia (subject to postage rates). Thanks
  3. Spotted the Black Pearl at Costco (Melbourne) yesterday - $129.99
  4. Hi Why can't they run these things in Australia as well!! If anyone happens to have 2 or 3 spare "Cars" sets from the Sun - please drop me a PM. Thanks in advance.
  5. If anyone is after the Tanative IV (10198) - Kmart (Chadstone) have reduced these further to $169!!
  6. Knox City Target had about 9 boxes of minifigs today (though the Spartan I got was very hard to come by). At $3.37 with the current 10% off - might be a good place to go if you need to finish your set.
  7. Looks like Target in Melbourne CBD have Cad Bane's speeder in stock (probably around 20 of them). Hefty price tag of $89.
  8. I love this forum! Grabbed a few sets this morning of $25 Buzz Spaceships from Big W. A big thank you! Also grabbed the last few Spartans from Ringwood Target. Looks like the boxes had already been sorted through! Can't believe that they are now $4!
  9. Insane when you consider Myer has the normal truck at $39.95. Quite a large Tru exclusive tax!
  10. Myer Eastland had about 4 left. I grabbed one - came to $37.46! Give them a call.
  11. Apologies if this is not the right place for this post. Am looking to import the new UCS Star Wars Shuttle from the States. What would be the best way to do this - and will I be saving a great deal? Feel free to PM me :)
  12. I believe that it is only 25% off Technic sets. Agree on the games - very, very stingy!
  13. Checked for the new Minifigs at Glen Waverly and Ringwood - unfortunately I'd been beaten to them and no more Zombies or Cheerleaders to be found. If anyone does come across any Cheerleaders in their travels - please let me know!!
  14. If anyone comes across these figures in Victoria, please let me know. Have rung a few local Targets and they all have told me that they haven't seen these figures for months ....
  15. Same story in Myer Melbourne ...