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  1. pbegin

    LUG statistics in the world

    Officially, the number reported at Brickworld was still 5% of sales from AFOLs. Between you and me, lets speculate the number was 40%, do you think they would report that number to us? We would put them to ransoms at every corner! :-) (I hope I got the verb tenses right).
  2. As heard at the 2012 Brickworld’s opening ceremonies and seminars: There are 76 LUGs in North America. As some of you might know, our North American LEGO community representative (Kevin Hinkle) asks every of those LUGs a quarterly report containing some information to help him represent us internally at the LEGO Company. Those are basic information as number of members, latest expos, LUG web sites address, contact information for the LUG, etc. We were told that few LUGs actually report that information (about 20 out of the 76). Make sure your LUG’s board actually send back the information as they may eventually help us get more goodies. Did you know that LEGO offered a complete DINO set collection for three North American LUGs who proposed a display concept a few months ago? Do you know there currently is a contest for some mosaic artworks (theme: four seasons) for display at the Enfield head office? Anyway, here are some statistics that were reported (and probably “guesstimated” at a certain point), but still very interesting on the world of AFOL in the world: There are 160 LUGs in the world, totalling 130 000 members, organizing 300 events in a year. Geographically: Region: NA – Europe - Asia LUG: 68% - 30% - 2% Member: 4% - 18% - 78% Event: 50% - 37% - 13% North American LUGs are small but interact the most with the public. 2% of the LUGs are in Asia, but represent 78% of the AFOLs Asia offers an enormous potential for the coming years. Those Asian LUGs still do not participate in the LUGBulk program, imagine when they will? QuéLUG's president LEGO Ambassador
  3. pbegin

    LEGO DINO movie

    The LEGO® Group offered three North American LUGs the opportunity of displaying three complete collections of the LEGO DINO theme sets in an innovative way for spring 2012. QuéLUG (Québec LEGO® Users Group) was one of the three LUGs selected for this honour. The other recipients were GFLUG: Greater Florida LEGO® User Group and OBB: Ontario Brick Builders. In addition to this movie, QuéLUG will display the featured DINO layout at three coming events : St-Eustache - April 21st, St-Basile-le-Grand - May 5th, Quebec City - May 26th, come see us. Le Groupe LEGO® a offert à trois LUGs nord-américain, l'opportunité d'afficher un des trois ensembles complets du thème DINO d'une façon originale pour le printemps 2012. QuéLUG (Québec LEGO® Users Group) a été un des trois LUGs sélectionnés pour cet honneur. Les deux autres clubs sélectionnés ont été GFLUG: Greater Florida LEGO® User Group et OBB: Ontario Brick Builders. En plus du petit film que vous verrez, QuéLUG va montrer la maquette qui a servi à ce montage lors des trois événements suivants : St-Eustache - 21 avril, St-Basile-le-Grand - 5 mai, Quebec City - 26 mai, venez nous voir. 5882 Ambush Attack 5883 Tower Takedown 5884 Raptor Chase 5885 Triceratops Trapper 5886 T-Rex Hunter 5887 Dino Defense HQ 5888 Ocean Interceptor Saint-Eustache - April 21st Saint-Basile-le-Grand - May 5th Quebec City - May 26th Our complete calendar : http://www.quelug.org/modules/extcal/year.php Picasa gallery https://picasaweb.google.com/116445152249581253063/Dinos Completed layout pictures starting here : https://picasaweb.google.com/116445152249581253063/Dinos#5723903051447246466 Our JuraBrick Park movie
  4. pbegin

    District 9: The Eviction

    Nice scene... Since this tread is talking about District 9 (let me know if it was inappropriate to hijack the tread), I though it could be a nice place to ask for your help in defining a prawn minfig. I want it less mech than minifig. Here is a start : Getting long legs would be nice, but only Toy Story set produced them in the wrong color... I want your opinion on which minifig parts would be great for it. Thanks for your help.
  5. Almost unoticed? Published in the LEGO ambassadors forums on June 24th, 2011 : Well, it’s finally been finalized, stamped, and approved and everything is official. The newly appointed North American Community Coordinator is Kevin Hinkle. Kevin comes to us from Texas where he is currently manager of the Austin LEGO Brand Retail store. He’s been with the company for a few years moving from Colorado to Arizona to Texas moving from store to store. He’ll be officially joining the Community Team on July 1st and will be relocating to Enfield in August to join me in all the fun of getting the new community office up and running there. Cheers, -Jim Foulds Brickset (June 25th) : http://www.bricksetforum.com/discussion/1032 Lugnet (July 1st) : http://news.lugnet.com/announce/?n=4148 Have not seen other references...