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  1. getdamonkey

    Red Menace Mafia: Sign-ups

    1. What is your experience playing mafia games on Eurobricks? Mafia school. This will be my first big kid mafia 2. Will you be able to post frequently and keep up with night action deadlines for the 6-8 weeks? Yes and yes 3. What is your favorite submarine-themed movie? 1941 "To Hollywood... and GLORY!"
  2. getdamonkey

    Should LEGO cut ties with Shell?

    Never realized the Danish translation of "shove it" was so long.
  3. getdamonkey

    The Dark Knight Mosaic

    Built last minute for Brickworld this year. The mosaic measures 48x144 studs and is comprised of around 7500 pieces. Enjoy!
  4. Quarryman, Ricecracker, Si-Mocs and myself have all decided that the only valid call will be "mahna mahna"
  5. getdamonkey

    Mafia After Dark - Epilogue: Sunset

    1. What is your mafia experience here on EB? How about other sites? Just completed Mafia School on EB, No experience on other sites. 2. What do you think of your performance in EB Mafia so far? What are your strengths and weakness? What do you want to improve? I think I performed reasonably well in mafia school. I have a good understanding of situation based playstyle but probably need to improve stating concise reasoning when accusing. I want to improve understanding of roles within the game and how they work together and opposite each other. 3. What do you think of private voting? Will you abide by the rules and regulations I set out for it? ‚ÄčIt would definitely change things in favor of scum so abiding by the rules and regulations is going to be important. 4. Have you read Mafia: After Dark? (This does not affect your chances of getting in - I'm just curious). I skimmed it during mafia school.
  6. Thanks! Special thanks to Bob, this game was a load of fun. Most all of you played very well.
  7. unless he slipped in under Bob's radar, no.
  8. It's going to be an interesting (and by interesting, I mean not interesting) if someone has a 4 vote penalty tomorrow. Ordered list of suspected scum, and yes, it includes everyone, is as follows (for what it's worth): Jordan Warren Willie Tim Adam
  9. So you're essentially saying that you're willing to throw town under the bus to prove a point. That's kind of disappointing. On a side note, I was wrong, Jordan was the second vote for Adam not the first. Emily cast the first vote roughly 30 hours earlier. All votes through the Adam and Isaac duet listed here: So to be clear, the first vote was cast --> ~30 hours passed --> Jordan votes --> three additional votes follow within 30 minutes (two of which were made by scum and town which appeared to be puppeted) It wasn't just that he posted close to Isaac, it was that he posted consistently close to Isaac in a consistent order. And as I reread day 1, Isaac is even parroting Greg in places. I'll state this a third time. My list is the list from yesterday that was publicly posted to the day two thread. outside of this, there was a brief (1 message each) exchange with Adam regarding the list.
  10. I should be on there as well. My two posts merged into one giant wall o' text and buried my vote in the middle.
  11. Unless he discloses this or does it when it happens, no one knows for sure. On a side note, we have 26 hours left to vote.
  12. I did take that into account and I don't feel like it changes anything. I think Emma was the logical vig kill last night since that was a good hedge against being wrong on Greg and possibly a way to knock out two scum in one night (I don't think there was anyone who suspected that both were innocent). Day one is a little bit cloudier since there are valid reasons to vig kill both Emily and Isaac. But regardless, I think that there is a vig (was if they were killed last night). We'll see how many night actions happen tonight.
  13. Okay, there's a lot to go through here. Starting with Jordan on day #1 Jordan points out Adam's formatting error of Emily's quote as suspicious. Three minutes later Greg chimes in and agrees. After an additional response from Fred and an attempt at clarification from Adam, Jordan moves to direct questioning on Adam. Adam then defends his quoting here: Not deterred, Jordan then casts his vote for Adam. This is vote #1 and the start of the bandwagon. Tim follows 6 minutes later 22 minutes later, the first of the two duet votes from Greg and Isaac is cast. Following votes from Emma and Melinda, Jordan declares the bandwagon he started. Willie casts a vote for Melinda and votes come off of Adam and onto Melinda. Jordan defends his vote as playstyle. So I'll take a moment to talk about why this is important. At this point, I'm assuming that Adam is town (after our exchange earlier today). That means that at the end of day one everyone is voting between two town members. As a result, it doesn't matter who Jordan votes for either way, town gets lynched. The next day, Jordan uses the vote as an opportunity to distance himself from the vote for Melinda. Then he starts in on Emma (now confirmed town) Then things start to get interesting. After I had called out the timestamp alignment, Jordan calls into question the PM theory on the grounds of why would town coordinate with scum. On the surface this is a plausible defense but remember that Isaac doesn't know that greg is scum and greg does know this so it's really a one sided exchange. Jordan continues his defense making essentially the same point but expanding it to peg Greg to Isaac from the standpoint of Isaac was good so Greg must alo be good.. Remember, if you look at the votes at this point, There's not a lot of momentum behind lynching Greg at this point. Willie and myself have voted but if you look back on the posts following Willie's vote and leading to the post below (#'s 55 to 67 on day two), the group is still hemming and hawing about whether or not greg is scum. This is the last point that Jordan has to make a pitch for greg not getting lynched. After this, Jordan's efforts switch from defending Greg to accusing Emma. This has three main points that can really apply to most people here at some point during the last few days. This is all done without actually quoting any posts from Emma so it can be seen as pretty inflammatory. Then we all gt on the topic of how any scum there actually are. Jordan holds to there being two scum. Even while the group as a whole was pretty set on 3-4 scum. Driving that number down is important for scum since it not only makes town believe that they can more easily take chances (the ratio of scum to town is lower so town can essentially miss more and still be okay) but it also restricts lists of potential suspects to smaller numbers. There's also a push away from looking at what Isaac possibly knew here but without actually defending Greg at this point essentially casting doubt on Greg as scum without actually jumping to his defense. After this Jordan continues to push the line of inquiry towards Emma. Whew, lots of typing there. So that gets us through Day 2. Now the final piece of the puzzle. I will admit, straight away, that this rests on the idea that CAT (Cabal of Assumed Town) is leaky or that Fred and a scum member were communicating. From the messages that Adam posted, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch since Fred seemed to be pretty freely communicating with people. The latter of Fred's lists is as follows: Greg's dead and scum, Emma is dead and town leaving Willie and Jordan. Only one of those two is on my list that I posted at the end of day 2. And that person is Jordan. If the scum assassin knew the contents of both lists (either by being a part of CAT or being party to the information by the other remaining scum being a member of CAT) the incentive is to kill Fred (who hasn't posted the list and is questioning the person who has question the allegiance of the maker of the other list). So at this point, we need two pieces of information: Was Jordan communicating with Fred or was otherwise involved with CAT? If Jordan didn't have access to that information than who did? Vote: Jordan Foster (Comrade Commander) Sorry for the late reply. See wall of text above. Fleebnork sitting is making things go a bit slower as well. To answer Willie: The list I referred to was the list from yesterday. I did send a short message to Adam and he replied. Here is the contents of that exchange: I've been away from IRC a lot this weekend (again fleebnork sitting) so I don't think I said anything to Willie about it. I think Adam summarizes most of this well but I think he missed that I said that it was my list from yesterday. Let's all assume that that was an honest mistake. I completely understand why you would be suspicious Adam but the best way to get you to post the list, in its entirety quickly and accurately was to make you believe that there was another list. I'm sorry if you feel deceived but please understand that there was a reason behind it.
  14. I'll recap in a bit Warren. Pulling together a case ATM
  15. You don't need screenshots; everybody has seen it. My list is my list from yesterday. Like I said, I was more concerned with making sure that Adam was above board with his list. And speaking of being above board, I should disclose that Willie is in IRC chat with me on a daily basis.and I've also done favors for him by picking up clearance LEGO that was sold out at his local store.