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  1. DM'd you with a link to the leak, but yeah apparently it's a completely different piece to the Throne Room Duel Diorama. What's all the more odd is that we have the Advent Calendar that includes Luke with his hair from the throne room diorama as well coming this year. And I completely agree, the ISD build is definitely the best part of the set for me whilst the figures, though completely making sense for the set, are quite underwhelming. @ArrowBricks Very true, at least July is just around the corner now anyway. I think this will be the first summer wave in a while where I don't buy the majority of the sets, but I'll stay optimistic for how the remaining ones look. The Dark Falcon is awfully tempting, however...
  2. I wasn’t keen on the Skiff when it was first rumoured, but now I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I wonder if Brick Clicker’s rumour around Luke having a new hairpiece is actually accurate. Pretty excited for the Peridea set too, hopefully it has the same quality as the Paz vs. Gideon set. Is anyone still deliberating on getting the ISD? Seeing all the reviews, the model itself is excellent, but I must admit the main draw for me is the Cal Kestis figure, and that’s only by virtue of it being Cal Kestis. The detail on the figure is pretty solid, and the gunmetal legs are a nice touch, but I can’t displace the feeling that Lego really dropped the ball on it (which stings all the more considering we’re supposedly never getting sets based on the Jedi games).
  3. It’s so odd (and more than a little bit annoying) just how much the summer set reveals are being dragged out: - ISD: Revealed in early May. - 2 of the 3 RBG sets: Revealed last week. - Droid Builder set: Leaked(ish) last week. (Granted, Lego themselves only announced the ISD.) Have the reveals for a single wave of a theme ever been this drawn out? At least there isn’t much left to show I suppose.
  4. The new X-Wing looks great, adding those angles to the fuselage makes a massive difference in improving its accuracy to the source material. I don’t think we’re terribly far away from yet another X-Wing set in a few years time that’ll truly be a mini-UCS. The TIE Fighter…meh. I’m sorry, but obscuring the visibility of minifigures within single-pilot starfighters just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s a weird thing to nitpick but it makes a difference when you can see the pilot in the ship. The Dark Falcon looks just as wacky as I thought it’d be, I may just buy it depending on my thoughts on the other summer sets. Really annoying just how much these reveals are being dragged out. Regarding the picture of the Droid Builder set, it looks charming in some ways, but the set is definitely a skip for me.
  5. I’d be curious to see if the Artoo from this set roughly scales with the big Threepio model coming out.
  6. That actually sounds like a really fun set! Chopper alone sells it for me. Obviously printing a small dish piece for Lola wouldn’t be much effort, but the fact that they could do this for young Leia but not bother to represent BD-1 in any form with the anniversary Cal figure really bums me out.
  7. Absolutely wild that not only have they put off revealing the summer wave, but they’re sending out a single set from said wave as review copies to LAN members. Cal looks much better in the flesh though, just like Saw.
  8. What’s funny is that the official images for most if not all summer sets from other themes (Marvel, Mario, Dreamzzz, Animal Crossing, etc.) were released over a month ago, heck even the Zelda set was revealed and that doesn’t launch until September.
  9. Kaijumeister

    Super Mario 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sounds like such a cool set
  10. Kaijumeister

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    Apologies if I’m going off topic but this is correct. I don’t have the link on hand but there was a BrickFanatics interview with one of the leading designers for the theme back in 2020 and they confirmed it was solely Lego’s idea to go the digi-fig route.
  11. To be fair, applying wild and wacky ideas isn’t the worst thing in the world and the premise of RTG is pretty great. It’s just that sets at the larger (non-D2C) price points every summer tend to have the most potential as we’ve seen since 2021. Making some smaller sets based on RTG makes sense, but I’m so sure about dedicating this many sets to it. In 2022, we got both the Scythe and AT-TE, last year it was the Ghost, Coruscant Gunship etc. I know the Gunship isn’t perfect, but sets like those are genuinely some of the best we’ve seen in this theme for a long time in terms of builds and minifigures. As much as I really do think this has been a pretty awesome year for Lego Star Wars already, I don’t think it’s reached the same heights that previous years have. Looking at the summer set list, there isn’t much that sounds as exciting as previous summer waves have been (granted, there are some really bright spots like the Peridea set and finally getting Nien Nunb), but that’s my extremely subjective view. Alas the wait for pictures of the August wave continues, year after year Lego is getting better at dragging out reveals, that’s for sure.
  12. I concur. I’d have compressed these smaller waves into something like January-May-August just so they’re spaced out fairly evenly and aren’t too small. I’m not sure if I’m being overly negative, but the August wave seems quite disappointing in terms of large non-D2C sets in the sub-1000 piece range. Every year we do get at least some well-designed large ships like the Ghost, Coruscant Guard Gunship (which I still think was mostly good), Scythe, etc. which have fantastic minifigure lineups and excellent builds. This year we’re getting the Dark Falcon, ISD, X-Wing vs. TIE, and yet another buildable <thing> which seem quite lacklustre in comparison, although at least the Dark Falcon should still look quite unique. Can’t believe it’s been a month since the ISD reveal, guess Lego really are going to just sit on the official set pictures until early to mid-July.
  13. I’m not entirely surprised that the microfighter has sold out already, very pathetic of those who buy excessive multiples but people like those were to be expected. I miss the days where June 1st correlated with getting a first look at the August wave via the retail catalogues. Crazy that we’ve already seen most of what’s coming in August and beyond for most themes except Star Wars
  14. Ah I saw that, thanks for getting it confirmed. @BrickBob Studpants nice call, such a bummer -_- I’m sure these summer images will get leaked before the official reveals in July or whatever.
  15. Completely agree, just spitballing more than anything. Promobricks have the June - December 2024 catalogue in their hands, hopefully new set pictures will follow suit tomorrow.
  16. The more I’m seeing of the Acolyte trailers and TV spots, the more I hope some surprise sets are planned for August / September. I’m usually weary of merchandise pushes for content we know little of / characters we aren’t yet invested in, but the characters just look so damn good. On a random note, has anyone with the 2024 Sith Infiltrator added a hood and cape to Darth Maul? If so, can he fit in the ship with them on? I’m assuming the reason they weren’t included is because the interior is a pretty tight fit.
  17. Thrawn is a fantastic upgrade over the 2017 version, Ezra looks great too although I pedantically feel that the Mad-Eye Moody hairpiece in black would’ve been a way better fit than the old Luke hairpiece. I wonder if Ahsoka the white will include a white cloth piece, probably won’t. Hopefully we’ll see the full August wave soon.
  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if Saw / Fives / Malak / Nien ate up most of the budget for the anniversary figures, given that both Cal and Leia have no specialised prints nor new moulds / elements of some sort like the others do. A new poncho element may have been challenging to make, but I feel the ponchos that were made for the 2015 Tydirium set were also pretty detailed, so it’s certainly not impossible. What’s most annoying IMO is that with these figures being deemed unworthy of being in sets of their own, this is seemingly all we’re going to get for JFO / Survivor, and they couldn’t be bothered to do more with the figure - especially as it’s in one of the most expensive sets of the summer as well. I guess the first batches of anniversary figures had such great quality that I raised my expectations too high. At the very least, I do hope Cal’s hair is bright orange (hard to tell from the lifestyle images) and this is just a case of the rendering looking poor like it did with Saw.
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    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    That’s a really good point, definitely seems likely.
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    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    There’s no way the Fell Beast won’t be based on the Dead Marshes scene from TTT right? Quick and easy way to reuse Sam, Frodo, and a Nazgul figure. A Witch King figure would be incredible but making a custom mould for him just for a GWP wouldn’t make sense at all.
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    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    The rumours keep emphasising a new mould for the Hylian Shield but nothing about the Master Sword which is kind of worrying. The sword is so visually distinct that half-bricking it with an existing mould would be disappointing. I agree that a Phantom Ganon would’ve been an infinitely cooler figure instead of a third Link variant, but then again I still think BotW / TotK are far too popular to be locked behind a massive D2C to begin with and the idea of it doesn’t sit well with me. I’m still going to buy the heck out of this though. Also regarding the Horizon ‘teases’, I interpreted them to mean something about a Lego game rather than more sets based on the games, but the latter makes far more sense.
  22. Yeah with three sets being directly based on Rebuild the Galaxy, this unknown set being a buildable *thing* just seems like a waste of a slot, especially if a buildable Threepio is already a part of the same wave to begin with. I guess what kind of sucks is the set’s price point and piece count too, which could’ve gone towards something more interesting. I’m curious to see what conclusions Lego drew from the sales figures and overall response to Chewbacca last year. As far as ideas go I respect them trying new stuff out. Saying that, as much of a cool novelty as non-system sets are, I feel like we’re getting too many of them at this point but that’s just me. Also hoping that August set pictures are imminent. It’s frustrating when sets from the same wave are revealed in such a piecemeal fashion.
  23. Hmm, not sure how I feel about so many minifigure slots being taken up by original characters which don’t sound that interesting.
  24. 'Meesa gonna hurt yousa.' - Darth Jar-Jar, [TBD] ABY / BBY Should be fun, I'm in So it begins, Jedi Bob vs. Darth Jar-Jar, the great battle of our time. All in all, it seems 3 summer sets will be based on this show (Jedi Bob's Starfighter, the X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, and Dark Falcon). The figures at the very least should be quite unique.
  25. Yep. I thought I was overreacting (probably am), but it’s pretty disappointing. A Cal figure like this would be fine if it came in a normal set alongside BD-1 and some other characters, but it just doesn’t work as an anniversary figure. Not only because previous anniversary figures have set a precedent for above-average minifigure quality, but also because being represented as an anniversary figure means a regular set based on a character / their media probably won’t ever happen anyway. Really bums me out that this is all we get after years of people clamouring for Lego to tackle the Jedi series. My excessive complaining over a small ABS figure aside, I really want to buy the ISD just for Cal, but it just isn’t worth it. A massive set comprised of basic Imperials isn’t the most appealing when we already got the Boarding the Tantive IV set. Hopefully the other summer sets are stronger.