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  1. Brik-el

    MOC: Royal Canadian Pacific

    Ok I'm not to sure what happened to brickshelf, but I motorized the Royal. So no pics ATM. Also this is a selfish bump to get this train into the MOC INDEX. :)
  2. OK here's something you don't see everyday.......... Another view of the street................... and another.................. what the heck, one more.................. You can kinda see the grid here for the map. Didn't work out quit the way I wanted it to..................... Some more close ups of grid. Need more flat pieces, I ran out. Another street view.................. More close ups of Grid. Ok so this is the first half of the map. Im currently constructing the next part. They will be able to click together for a bigger map. Or used individually for smaller map. Let me know what you think. Oh for the specs. Each grid square is 5 studs by 5 studs. Each story for the building is 5 bricks high. SO each floor of climbing a ladder is one movement. SO that means the dark grey building is 2 stories high, so 2 moves to get to top. The light grey is 3 stories high, etc, etc. Ok i'll be back with part 2 of the map today or tomorrow.
  3. Okay here is my Station. Its a mix of other sets and my imagination. Lets try this deep link thing again. Oh and my camera isn't that great. Hope you somewhat like this. Love Richard.
  4. Brik-el

    MOC: My Rolling Stock

    Okay, gonna try this deeplink thing. first of, my lumber/log cars for my CN rail..... each of these cars are missing their steps, actually all of my rolling stock is. I'll get around to fixing it. Next up, my version of the TTX cars......... with my own versions of cargo my gondola is next........ next up is my hopper and finally my caboose (which i mangled for other cars) when i get the time i'll add the steps. hopefully i'll get a video of all this runnin together soon.
  5. Brik-el

    MOC: CP Rail

    had some time to improve this model. Since brickshelf is down at the moment, heres a pic.
  6. Brik-el

    MOC: Diesel Shunter

    These are fantastic. Love that yellow and black look. Are these powered?
  7. Brik-el

    MOC: Canadian National

    Nobody has mentioned the engine number yet. I thought it was funny. Cheers!
  8. Brik-el

    Brickshelf up, down..who knows!

    I thought my computer was going crazy. Good to know its not just me. I've got new train pics, and i just learned how to deep link. Please brickshelf, come back soon.
  9. Brik-el

    MOD: 7997 - Yellow Train Station

    they must be rotating gates like when u go on the subway or go to an amusement park. It also counts the number of people passing through
  10. Brik-el

    MOC: Canadian National

    ***UPDATE*** took better pics. here they are
  11. Brik-el

    MOC: Large 12V-Era Train Station

    Keep up the good work. Cant wait to see the finished product!!!
  12. Brik-el

    MOC: Canadian National

    Okay guys, I had to destroy the GE for this. Hope you like it. When the Brickshelf link goes up i'll post, so you can see different angles. ***UPDATE*** took better pics. here they are
  13. Brik-el

    MOC: Blue & Orange General Electric

    Okay i took the pics down from here, but..... i've got the brickshelf link right here..........
  14. Brik-el

    MOC: Royal Canadian Pacific

    Ok guys heres the link to more pics of the ROYAL CANADIAN thanks for all the comments
  15. Ok guys heres something new and fun. Yes the colours are an bit out there, but hey, wheres the fun in plain? So let me introduce you to my Blue & Orange GE Tell me what you think, and what could be improved. Thanks, eh!