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  1. Apollo

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Although this isn't 2016-related, I thought it'd be more appropriate to post here than begin a new thread. Anyway, noticed this today while browsing armor on bricklink, and immediately recognized the Galaxy Squad logo. Knowing that this armor was never used in the theme, is it possible that this prototype was from a cancelled third wave? The armor is used in the latest DC Batman v Superman sets, of course sans the GS logo. EDIT: I just noticed it was used for a Collectible Minifigure. How cool though!
  2. Space Miner... perhaps a sign of things to come? Although we haven't seen the Space Trooper helmet in any space themes since his release, one could hope for an Asteroid-mining-esque space theme in the future.
  3. Apollo

    [MOC] Ice Planet 2002

    I really enjoy these MOCs you're putting together. Really pays an excellent tribute to my favorite Space era.
  4. Apollo

    [MOC] M-Tron Mine

    This is such a fluid diorama because of its immaculate detail. It is not just fun to look at, but it draws your attention to all of the different scenes you've added. Easily my favorite M:Tron diorama I've seen yet.
  5. Apollo

    Upcoming Classic Space Reboot?

    I nod my head at what you're saying; it makes sense for TLG to revisit this theme. And while we are not to the point of beating a dead horse with the whole "humans vs aliens" topic because it will always appeal to children, I do think it is healthy for LEGO to change the direction and purpose of the next Space line. Classic Space is a great runner up. I do think however that LEGO has many themes to dig up and modernize, not just Classic Space. Hence LEGO revisiting Space Police, they could just as easily revisit a polar Space theme, UFO Space theme, or organize a new theme altogether, perhaps an amalgamation of Aquazone and astronauts. We keep seeing homages to Blacktron and Classic Space, and since LEGO really hasn't abandoned the trend of fitting two species/enemies into its action themes, one could hope LEGO will make Blacktron the aggressor to a civilian CS in the very least. Aimless dreaming aside, I look forward to see what LEGO will do with their cherished past themes we are so wanting to see return.
  6. Apollo

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the parka is as old as 2011 (or older), as seen in 7879. EDIT: It would seem you're right, the "Han version's" hood is more ribbed than the more classic-fur texture of the new parka. Strange choice indeed.
  7. Apollo


    I dig the use of miner helmets on the second robot, and the x-ray representing its inner-components. The whole line-up defines creativity.
  8. Apollo

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you to those who have contributed photos of this revived Polar theme... The original 2000 Arctic theme is very sentimental to me from childhood, and I am glad TLG is taking steps in slightly distinguishing the designs of the sets from standard City sub-themes, although I am slightly disappointed in the redundant cockpit used for the heli-crane. I am very much looking forward to this "Ice-Breaker" set which we have yet to see images of!
  9. Apollo

    [MOC] Ares - Space Marines heavy fighter

    Although the design is completely different, I am getting a very "Independence Day" Alien-fighter feel from this... it is impressive to say the least! I am sure this would look much more appealing in brick form, definitely something worth undertaking.
  10. I am digging the Blacktron I logo on the Evil Mech's chest armor! That's going to be a wonderful piece to collect!
  11. Apollo

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    I am certain once the set becomes available, you will be able to locate the instructions online and order pieces specific for the drop ship off of bricklink for much cheaper.
  12. Apollo

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    Despite all of the Easter-promotional polybags I have been finding at Walmart and Target in the United States, still no luck with Galaxy Squad. I might as well visit the local TRU one of these days for a few green squaddie pick-ups! Any Americans who know the cost of these polybags by chance?
  13. Apollo

    MOC Acid Squad

    Exactly this crossed my mind.
  14. Apollo

    MOC: VT-318 "Kelly" - a mech walker

    How well does this balance on its two legs? Definitely an eccentric and fluid design I have not seen before in a mech build. Awesome work!
  15. Apollo

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    I'd wager this isn't the "Life On Mars" of the 2010's; I believe LEGO is really beginning to reboot their Space properties compared to the beginning of the Space-hiatus from a little over ten years ago. We have a revisiting of the Space Police (which brought hints of Blacktron's return), and while the humans vs aliens conflict is becoming an overused concept in recent Space themes, LEGO is surely inventive enough to produce innovative themes in the future. It's all in the imagination, and the LEGO community is vital in inspiring those ideas as they go from the designer desk to the store shelves.