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  1. An impressive amount of functions for sucha small scale. I really like the use of the spare wheel for the HOG steering. Very cool work!
  2. ThomasGraafland

    [MOC] AC Cobra 427

    Excellent job capturing the round shapes and I'm impressed by the all the functions in such a small car!
  3. ThomasGraafland

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Looks awesome. Instantly recognisable and the color suits it very well. Great work!
  4. ThomasGraafland

    [MOC] Fiat 500 Abarth 695SS

    Neat little thing with plenty of power. Looks like a lot of fun. Nice job on the round shape as well.
  5. ThomasGraafland

    Composite wheels with better steering pivot

    The rim would look a bit small on a sports car, but that can easily be covered. Very smart solution!
  6. Very recognisable and the shape is done beautiful. I'm not really a fan of the way you did the headlights, but I love all the rest of the car.
  7. ThomasGraafland

    [MOC] Telehandler

    Smooth exterior and a lot of functions hidden underneath. Very cool!
  8. ThomasGraafland

    [MOC] John Deere 648L Skidder

    Looking very clean and lot's of working functions. Looks a lot like the real one. Great work!
  9. ThomasGraafland

    Model Team: MAN TGS 8x4 Cement Truck

    Great model. Looks very realistic and it seems you've everything well thought out. Very cool work! Also congrats on your blog: http://thelegocarblo...1/truck-triple/
  10. ThomasGraafland


    Hi, my name is Thomas Graafland. I am a 16 year old TFOL from Holland. Some of you might know me from MOCpages or Flickr, where I have a account too. I'm a big fan of Lego cars and trucks and I usually build them myself too, with Technic and regular bricks combined. I hope I'll have a good time here! Greeting, Thomas