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  1. 3 hours ago, Johnny1360 said:

    Build set, rarely build the B model, modify said set. Then I usually display it for a while before dismantling it and sort it's parts into bins for later mocs.

    As far as the second part of the poll, I dump the parts out and start building while simultaneously sorting the remaining parts as I go along. No option for that in the poll, so I guess I am the only one doing it that way. 

    I rarely have a set unopened for more than a few days, I just can't resist the urge to build. 

    I got a new in box 10179 Millennium Falcon still in box and bags untouched. Never had room to put it once it was built so it's been sitting in the box since I ought it back in 2009

  2. 18 hours ago, Littleworlds said:

    I agree completely. Lego should be one of those things that gets spared from min-maxing.:wink: I noticed that really when building my first modulars. It is utterly focussing to forage for the right pieces - almost hypnotic.

    I have noticed over time that my parts seeking abilities have really increased after countless hours searching for pieces to a set.

    I can dump an entire bucket of LEGO on the floor and scan everything on the top and manage to find a tiny 1x1 plate within seconds 


    17 hours ago, rodiziorobs said:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when I open a set I dump all the bags out at once--effectively desorting them. Sometimes you have to enjoy the hunt.

    Who doesn't love the sound of sorting through mounds of LEGO?

  3. If this doesn't scream 1950's diner I don't know what will

    The truck and kiosk really take the cake on this one. I wouldn't mind seeing a bigger drive in.

    I think the other few pieces that really make this come together are those rounded edge tiles. Really adds to that '50's atmosphere. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Tenderlok said:

    However, for me there's still the question why anyone should pay for files which their designers had made available for free...

    There are always people willing to pay money for something they can't create. As stated earlier,"Most people that watch those videos aren't familiar with the lego sites we use frequently." 

    They don't know that these MOC's are made for free online

  5. 16 hours ago, ranghaal said:

    In fact I thought about a scene similar to this but with a giant alien steel cylinder (beloging maybe to a tripod) in the middle of it.
    But I fear this will take months or years... I have plenty of totally different plans first. 

    Well, it looks like you can turn LEGO into art. I have no doubt it would take some time to create, but it would definitely be something to gaze eyes upon

  6. First off, for any of you train nerds in here, I know it's not an SD60MAC. This is like a hybrid SD80MAC and SD50/60MAC. I really like the aesthetic of the rear radiator housing on the SD80MAC but really like the front end look of an SD50/60. 

    In this thread I will also be posting progress to the build and getting both trains built. Right now I'm going to try and figure out a way to motorize these trains with RC motors for heavy payloads. I may just end up investing into some more 9V track and motors to keep the 6 wide form factor.

    The sides are blank for CSX stickers to later be put on the train