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  1. CarrollFilms

    Train Tech Art

    The Metroliner is the most beautiful, It looks like you hand drew it. That is a very nice piece of work. You should make copies, I would be more than happy to buy some from you!!!!
  2. Amazing work, for a second I thought it was a PF train. But it sounded like a 9V, once I saw those pics I knew it. GO 9V!!!!
  3. CarrollFilms

    MOC: European Train Station

  4. CarrollFilms

    Stockholm Metro!

    The Subway is just beautifully made, the fence and roof are just excellent. This would be just super cool in a layout, especially underneath the table, maybe have the lights in it, lights at the train station. That is a true subway. Keep up the great work!!!
  5. CarrollFilms

    You know you are a fan of Lego when...

    ...When you learn that the plural form of Lego's is really Lego Bricks... ...You start to see the little studs when you close your eyes... ...You spend nearly 3 thousand dollars at a Lego convention... ...You learn what LUG, LTC, and MOC's mean... ...You build a computer case out of LEGO... ...You build a 9V train layout around your house and say Santa did it... (not as easy as you think) ...You basement becomes your Lego lair and you spend more than half of your day in the basement...
  6. CarrollFilms

    Some Blacktron I MOCs

    Blacktron assault vehicle is definitely the coolest of them all! It would be cool if you add some like drop pods or lift off pads to where they can be transported from the back of the vehicle, now that would be cool. Keep up the great work!
  7. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Hazmat 1

    This is really cool, have you thought of buying some life lites and putting them in the truck to get that cool effect when in the dark. Very good job, keep up the great work
  8. CarrollFilms

    Brickworld SigFig Picture 2011

    Do I need to upload a picture directly to this, or can I just bring my sig-fig to BW 2011 and have it taken there?
  9. CarrollFilms

    Trainshow 2011

    Great layout, but one thing I have learned from my train layouts, kids loved touching my displays, since then i put some thought into buying plexy glass so their slimy germ hands don't scuddle my beautiful trains off the track and land on that hard rock ground. Just saying get something so the kids don't touch!! Keep up the great work!!!
  10. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Viking and his big performance

    This is super cool, have you put any thought of maybe putting some PF's in it so the dragon moves? That would be pretty cool Keep up the great work!!!
  11. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Spannerheads

    That is one beautiful flying saucer, this is a magnificent job well done!
  12. CarrollFilms

    TOWN: New Mannum Town Centre

    Just an Excellent job, the IGA building is the best looking out of the rest. This reminds me alot of the 50's. Keep up the great work
  13. CarrollFilms

    VW Bus - Camper van

    Nice review, one thing that really bothered me was the door, no window? Since when did VW make a hippie van without passenger and driver windows. It's a compact looking set, one I'd recommend to a newcomer to Lego especially. Good review, thanks
  14. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Station

    Very cool station you have, really like how you made the ramp and yellow crossline, have you put any consideration into making one out of brick details? That would look really cool.
  15. CarrollFilms

    REVIEW: 10219 Maersk Train

    Great review, I enjoyed the setup, I can't wait tO get my hands on one. I can't believe you got two, well a little cut from the pay check wouldn't hurt to get two, it will look nice for Brickworld 2011 at least, thanks for the review
  16. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Hong Kong Locomotive - ER 20

    Very cool, looks exactly like the Cargo Train. But......does it run
  17. CarrollFilms

    Exclusive Train 10219 Maersk Train (Exclusive 2011)

    This is beautiful better start saving those pay checks for multiples
  18. CarrollFilms

    MOC : JR Tokaido Main Line- 211 series

    This is just amazing, you should really make a video and post it online so we can see it in action. Keep up the great work
  19. CarrollFilms

    REVIEW: 10194 Emerald Night

    This is a very good review, but the PF's aren't that great while using, to noisy. I think i'll be sticking with 9V for SOME time, or until they are better design and not to noisy. Could you by any chance do a review on the passenger train?
  20. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Union Pacific Big Boy 4-8-8-4

    outstanding job on detail and design, the whole thing is magnificent, great job! :thumbup:
  21. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Emerald Night Club Car

    Awesome and well made, if only TLG would make some train cars for the emerald night
  22. CarrollFilms

    2011 City sets

    I love the new Space sets, but really, more Police?! We don't need anymore, but I think the bank looks nice. If I were to buy another Police set, my city will be overrun by cops. But i'm excited for the Space sets, i've been waiting for these kinds of sets since the Mars Mission series ended, and i really liked that series, oh well these new sets are good enough for me!
  23. CarrollFilms

    Power Functions questions

    I have a few questions about PF. I've been eye balling the 7938 Passenger train. Since I am a 9V fanatic i'm illiterate when it comes to PF. Question 1. How long can a rechargeable Battery box last with an XL motor last. If it can't last more than 2 hours I'm not interested in buying it. Question number 2. are the turning points good, because on the emerald night the turning used a lot of energy to turn. Finally Question 3. is a power function motor faster than a 9V motor? Thanks for the replies
  24. CarrollFilms

    Indiana Jones Jungle Adventure

    cool, never did have a lot of LIJ or Johnny THunder sets :(, but i think i'll get some of those mummy sets that came out, very cool layout indeed!
  25. CarrollFilms

    Hangover Taser Scene - Animated in LEGO

    Very good, i love that movie, to bad there was quite a bit of light flickering, anyway, good job dude, loved it!