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  1. CarrollFilms

    MOCer's will you buy the new train sets?

    The new train sets are pretty lackluster to say the least
  2. CarrollFilms

    Red High Speed Train

    Very nice build. When can we expect to see some footage of it?
  3. CarrollFilms

    The Blue Comet

    This is a such a beautiful creation. Even the tiniest of details tie this whole thing together. I love the little bell. Where did you get that piece, or did you custom make it?
  4. CarrollFilms

    [MOC] Adult Store and Comic Shop

    Super cool, and a great use of the brick textured LEGO pieces
  5. CarrollFilms

    Orient Express Thriller!

    This is a very nice looking train! It would be really cool to see a full set of coaches
  6. CarrollFilms

    New LEGO Train Book "LEGO Eisenbahn"

    Three of my favorite things! Books, Trains and LEGO. Congrats on the book
  7. The animation was smooth but the movement of the baseplate was kind of all over the place. I don't know what capture software you use but if you plan on making more animations like this I recommend you purchase Dragon Stopmotion. It has onion skinning which is an incredibly helpful tool for that kind of situation. Also, the camera was rather shaky and the fades from one shot to another took me out of the video. If you're going to do something like this, in my opinion, just make it one straight shot. I've built big sets such as the grand emporium and managed to animate/build it all in one take and moving the camera rather than locking it down and not moving gets boring after the first 20 seconds. I get that the baseplate moves but if you get some camera movement in there you'll keep the audience engaged. Just some food for thought.
  8. CarrollFilms

    Lego Walking Dead

    The animation in episode 2 has a lot more improvement in it! If you're still looking for voice actors I'll gladly help out. There is also a website solely dedicated to Brickfilming called "" Keep up the nice work!
  9. CarrollFilms

    MOC City panorama

    I really like everything about this set. But, what if you took a bunch of 1x1 light blue, dark blue and clear studs then spread them all over the canal? That would give you a really cool looking water effect.
  10. CarrollFilms

    Me ship!

    That looks really cool! Phase 2: Build it
  11. Feels good to be back

  12. CarrollFilms

    Lego 10185 Green Grocer--New Build & Review

    I really wish I had bought a second one for a back to back apartment complex
  13. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Trade and Empire

    I really like the use of the strings and realistic water effect. Keep up the great work!
  14. CarrollFilms

    MOC: NSB Di7 with carriages

    Amazing job on the train! It looks amazing. I love the decoupler hut and all of the train cars. Keep up the great work.
  15. CarrollFilms

    Mod: Emerald Night to Flying Scotsman

    This looks just beautiful. But, one question. If you were to motorize it, what would you use and where would you put it; or is this just for display?
  16. CarrollFilms

    Which Battery Box?

    I recommend getting the 88000 or at least the rechargeable battery box. The Emerald Night is the only train I have PF in, and right now the 8881 battery box is the only power box I have. It looks really awkward with it standing up in the tender. If you're going to make a steam engine I would recommend the 88000. I usually see people fit their battery box under in the tenders and cover it up with some black plates. But, if you're going to make a train car or anything else just make sure it's tall enough for the 8881 box. Other than that it doesn't really matter which one you get. If you do get the 8878 rechargeable just make sure you have a battery box on standby for when the rechargeable dies.
  17. Super cool train. Where did you get that little vacuum and how does it suck up all the dust? Did you cut a hole in the bottom of the train car?
  18. CarrollFilms

    Effective High Speed

    Awesome layout. That bridge looks amazing. And those crashes, every one of them was more and more exciting to watch
  19. CarrollFilms

    MOC GODFATHER: Sonny’s death

    Awesome job. Those cars look amazing. Keep up the great work.
  20. CarrollFilms

    12v train madness!

    To be honest, I think that 12V trains are cooler than the 9V trains. But, if we're looking at more realistic it'd be the 9V. Awesome setup.
  21. I'll be buying a bunch of the paintball players. I have an entire paintball team that wants me to make a field and have a LEGO team photo. Can't wait for these guys! Awesome review.
  22. WARNING: THIS IS A 15 MINUTE LONG VIDEO. Just a heads up. Skip the first minute to get to the trains part, each train runs for about a minute or two then it switches to a different one. I filmed this last summer and thought I might as well share the adventures of my camera. Hopefully I will have photos showing the cradle that was used for filming this rather soon.
  23. CarrollFilms

    MOD: Town Plan Cinema Extension 10184

    I love the extension and the cute little posters that you added. Awesome job!
  24. CarrollFilms

    What train-motor is the best?

    As a 9V fanatic like myself I will be making the transition to PF's in the coming year or so. 9V are really fun to have but the fact that the motors will over heat from massive loads make me sad. The only thing I don't like about PF is the fact that you need to change the batters every so often if you but the battery box. But, other than that I love PF.
  25. CarrollFilms

    BrickArms Spring 2013 Release

    I love the detail that was but into the Corburner and M60. That Bren looks awfully nice too.