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    Doctor Who

    I LOVE doctor who, to bad David Tennant was replaced by Matt Smith But series 5 Finale was really good, "Big Bang" had to be the best episode of series 5. The ood was done really good, I love the Dalek MK1 very detailed, the sontarion was hard to tell at first but he was very well sculpted, the cyberman loooks really cool. It would be cool if BBC had a contract with LEGO so they would make DW Lego's. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Great work, David Tennant forever!
  2. CarrollFilms

    Castle Sets 2010

    This new theme reminds me of the old castle theme, I never got my hands on a castle set though, I guess this is my chance
  3. CarrollFilms

    Power Functions questions

    Thanks heoij, that helped alot, I guess I can now trust PF
  4. CarrollFilms

    Brickworld 2010 review and videos

    I didn't have a shitty time at all Dave, I just wish there were some bigger layouts. I just liked the big layouts, because there was always something new to see, other than NILTC. I remember at 09 there were 3 LUG's there (TOT-Lug, MICHLUG, INDY LUG) But I still liked going, monster chess was good, I watched about 10 minutes though. When I think about it there were quite a few good MOCS,like wayne manor, Matrix buildings, space music base, giant plane. Yea, Brickworld 2010 was worth 4/5 just wish there were more ballrooms, for more MOC's/ LUG's
  5. CarrollFilms

    Brickworld 2010 review and videos

    oops....i didn't know about that topic until just now. sorry
  6. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Modified 10194 Emerald Night

    outstandingly beautiful, I for one can't get the gears on the wheels to move when I run it with a 9V though. BUT SUPER COOL
  7. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Diesel Engine

    looks way better than mine, I hope I can build something like that. Amazing job!
  8. CarrollFilms

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    I am really excited for the new HP sets, i've only owned 2, but now is my chance to get all of them, the train will be the first one!
  9. CarrollFilms

    2010 FIFA World Cup

    DUCTH ALL the way, I agree with fluyt, either there are some bad ref's or....yea because of bad ref's. FIFA Cup better not have bad ref's BECAUSE MY EYE'S WILL BE GLUED TO THE TV!!!! i shall sue FIFA if they mess this up, i am dieing for Germany to win, and the game is in...4 HOURS!? i need to put on my Germany Jersey!
  10. CarrollFilms

    MOC: small tanker truck

    That MOC is amazing, i wish i had the pieces to make that. You know what would be even cooler, if that were an actual set! I would buy 10 of them! Amazing work, keep up the good job.
  11. CarrollFilms

    2010 FIFA World Cup

    Go Germany! Where's my vuvuzela? Oh there it is, HERRRRRR!!!!
  12. CarrollFilms

    MOCs: Amusment park creations

    I think the magician is the best, there should be a crowd around him applauding and have a few scared faces keep up the good work
  13. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Holidays

    That is really cool, have you ever tried to make a caravan campus? anyway, Very detailed and cozy.
  14. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Pickup trucks

    Very, Very cool!
  15. CarrollFilms

    REVIEW: 7939 Cargo Train

    I agree as well, now the Passenger Train 7938, that is a reasonable price, but almost $200 for the cargo train, that's a bit over the top don't you think? If TLC wants to make some good money this year with all the new sets (especially train) at least lower them to REASONABLE prices. I would gladly pay $150 for it, but $180 for it?!?!
  16. CarrollFilms


    Would I be able to register, I am a HUGE 9V train fanatic/die hard. I remember my first train, The Railway Express, i got it for my fourth birthday. I only had a loop with 2 straight track but i loved it, just a while ago my dad passed down some old lego, he had all sorts of stuff from the 60's and 70's, he didn't have any train. After a few months with my dad's Lego I decided to buy 30 straight track for my train and 2 more 9V mototrs. (Brickworld 2009 was coming up) After Brickworld 2009 was over I bought The Emerald Night because it was cool. Here comes Brickworld 2010, I buy the 7938 Passenger train and 7939 Cargo train, nothing special about either one, just cool and detailed. I only have those 3 trains not including my terrible Diesel MOC train. My Cargo and Passenger Train will hopefully be modded and switched to 9V, and I am a die hard 9V fan!!!
  17. CarrollFilms

    Best LEGO Train Ever Made

    agreed, The Emerald Night isn't brilliant, but it isn't bad. I think the Santa Fe and BNSF are the coolest, sure BNSF has a few rough edges, but i think it is just as cool as the Santa Fe.
  18. CarrollFilms

    Ideas for trains in 2011

    well I can see Lego not bringing back western until they can think up a good theme/style. The only possible way for Lego to Bring back western is if they start making sets from western movies. (which is what I would do) Take "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" for example, they would have a few cool sets. The point is if they do bring back western they should make a Western train, because who doesn't like western? (I only have 1 or 2 western sets) well the only good part of the set is the tram, but I will buy, like 2-3 just to make a subway under my table, or i can buy the parts via bricklink, and make more train cars.
  19. CarrollFilms

    My Fabuland display at Brickworld

    from my point of view when I saw it, your layout had one of the most detailed houses, and the street lamps were hard to find out until I asked you how you did it. You sure have a creative imagination there, keep up the beautiful work.
  20. CarrollFilms

    Ideas for trains in 2011

    I hope Lego comes out with some western trains, sure you can buy the toy story train but it's small. If they made western trains with robbers and stuff that would be cool. I wished they brought back western lego...
  21. CarrollFilms

    Is Power Functions just as good as a 9 Volt?

    so mainly PF have a few dis-advantages, IR controllers can only run so many trains and 9V has only 1 flaw......overheating. But thats all, so I think i'll stay with 9V. or are there still some advatages to IR and PF?
  22. CarrollFilms

    Emerald Night Express

    Hello, I am a very big fan of the Emerald Night, and I have 3 passenger cars with 2, 9V motors under 1 car. With a PF motor? I have tried adding the PF motor under the front and also under the tender, but it didn't work out. Stick to the mototrs under the passenger car, so idea.
  23. CarrollFilms

    Is Power Functions just as good as a 9 Volt?

    So the IR control can run more then 5 trains at one time?
  24. CarrollFilms

    MOC: Western monorail trains at Brickworld 2010

    The eurobruck team did a great job. CopMike especially did awesome on the design, I hung around that layout, talked to the guys. I found it to be one of the coolest and most detailed layout there. I can't wait to see what you guys have for next year! Keep up the great work!!!!
  25. CarrollFilms

    Is Power Functions just as good as a 9 Volt?

    Well alot of that helped, but I have a LUG and I have 4-5 trains running, (a total of 2 running at a time) and I only have a diesel and Emerald Night modded with 2, 9V motors each. The trains are usually running for 1-2 hours pulling anywhere from 4 cars to about 7 or 8. And all of you say that a PF is more powerful than a 9V? If so then I'll buy myself PF's. But I would hate having to recharge the bettery boxes all the time. Is that the only dis-advantage.