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  1. Asilla

    [Moc] Classic Forestmen

    I love forestmen, have just taken my set of 6077 out again to rebuild it and maybe do some moc too.
  2. Asilla

    MOC My first modular house

    I love your moc a lot, just the style I love, very good job :)
  3. Asilla

    life on Mars

    thanks to both of you, glad you like it and if it can make you smile, even better :)
  4. Asilla

    life on Mars

    hi. Here is y fantasy moc "life on Mars" hope its ok to put it here, it more city than war theme. life on Mars, lego by Lisa Astrup, on Flickr
  5. Asilla

    What Was Your First LEGO Set?

    My first was " Town Plan : 700.3-a"...
  6. Asilla

    MOC Loch Ness

    here is a fantasy Loch Ness animal, he won a contest this summer : LochNess by Lisa Astrup, on Flickr
  7. Asilla

    Stony Forest Taven

    What can I say, I love it too, this style is great.
  8. Asilla

    [MOC] Small Architecture creations

    I love what you have done, I have this set on my wish list. (too)
  9. Asilla

    MOC: Rosenborg Castle

    Oh Lasse, you are a talented lego builder, this is stunning. :thumbup:
  10. Hello. I did not think I would start collecting minifigs except those with diverse set. Is there any special way to approach it? Miscellaneous old minifigs, what about them? I have a mixed bunch, many are probably not complette more, but still fun to have.
  11. Asilla

    a small hotel

    hi. Long time, no see.... Got y Lego out and made this micro hotel, it summer in a warm country like Italy or Greece maybe.
  12. Asilla

    Fabuland anyone ?

    Is the Fabuland thread still active and can be used ? I'm asking becurse, not very long ago, I left a commet in a "old" thread somewhere and got a warning I did't even know that is was not allowed,
  13. Asilla

    Home Sweet Groan.

    When I look at this, I really know I have lots, and lots to learn, its fantastic, love it - all of it. :)
  14. I love all about this lovely MOC and I love Fabuland figures.
  15. Asilla

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    I washed and sorted a lot of old bricks today, and my bathroom is full of Lego bricks,to be dry.