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    How successful was Galaxy Squad?

    In the UK the sets ended up at "B&M". This is a discount retaile rthat buys old lines, and poorly selling lines and sells them massivley discounted. Its usually full of crap. Before Galaxy squad i had only seen those board game lego things. I was stunned to see "real" lego there. And ive never seen anymore. So im guesing it sold poorly.
  2. kalioon

    Lego Elves 2016

    Im really excited about this. My daughter loves lego elves, and i quite like them too. The sets are well thought out, interesting, and the i like the whole concept.
  3. kalioon

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    It could never happen, but warhammer 40k. Space marines, orks, and titans. It would be glorious.
  4. Great stuff guys. I was being slightly tongue in check about the "shame" of elves. Its very cool, i love the colour combinations and my daughter loves it. We put together Elsas castle, Repunzels tower, Naidas spa, and Farrans thingy, on a big baseplate. She (we!) had a blast. I picked up the deep sea explorer ship for a bit of "manly" action, needless to say my daughter was all over it. Considering Elsa and Annas parents were lost at sea, they have some good sea legs! Pegasus (pegasi?) chariot next, then maybe some piratey goodness. The lovely thing about her being young is she dosent try to pigeon hole stuff. E.g only city stuff works together, or only Elves stuff can play together. Which is ideal for me, as it means i can buy anything, under the pretext that its for her! Hurrah!
  5. Hi guys, i seem to have come out of my dark ages, and into a world of purple trees and sparkly gems. My daughter, with some careful "guidence", has discovered lego. Elves mainly, but she also loves the friends disney stuff too. To my eternal shame shame i really like the elves stuff too, reminds me of the nightelves from warcraft 3. Either im looking in the wrong place, or no one else shares my new affliction, as i cant find anyone else discussing them. Where would the best place be? IM torn between historical and adventure, but both of those arnt perfect. Where is all the other elves fans?