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  1. HJR-Holland

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Yes, but that would be when, 2nd halve of 2017? Everyone will have their eyes on EP VIII...
  2. HJR-Holland

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    So in each and every trailer for the new SW movie we see the new AT-ACT, but instead we get... Yoda's Starfighter?!?!?!! Wow... Speachless...
  3. HJR-Holland

    Stormtrooper from "Dutch Garisson"

    Custom SW minifigs normally go for €25 - €40, depending on the parts used and the print. For a non-official LEGO minifig I'd say €150 is rather excessive...
  4. HJR-Holland

    Stormtrooper from "Dutch Garisson"

    The guy that runs the little arms shop from the Netherlands, Hein-Jan Kemperman, is / was a 501st member and asked to make a run of these minifigs many years ago. According to him these are 'official' minifigs but I have never seen any evidence of that. So from my point of view these are custom minifigs with a printed backside and pauldron. They were sold exclusively to 501st members but a few made it to the general audience it seems. Being MOCs / customs I guess it's up to the buyer what they are worth, but I wouldn't overexaggerate the value of these...
  5. HJR-Holland

    The UCS Hype. What will 2017 bring? (40th Anniversary)

    AT-AT is a must. Others are extra... My only reason for not building a MOC AT-AT is that I still see potential for LEGO to release one. Ought to sell better than that UCS Hoth set
  6. HJR-Holland

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Thanks, I do my best ;-)
  7. HJR-Holland

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    As I pretty soon will take out most of it, I made a little video of my current collection; enjoy:
  8. HJR-Holland

    [MOC] AT-RT first design

    Thanks for the feedback :-) I have a lot more vehicles planned from the initial designs of various vehicles (Millennium Falcon, X-wing, Y-wing, AT-AT etc.)
  9. HJR-Holland

    [MOC] AT-RT first design

    So when epIII came out (many moons ago) there was quite a difference between the initial designs and what finally came into the movie *cough* flying catamarans *cough* and one of the big changes was that of the AT-RT. This was what it was supposed to look like: But in the end we ended up with this in the movie: However, at the very start of the design process, designer TJ frame made a design with a closed cockpit, which is my favourite version of this vehicle: And thus decided to make a LEGO model based on this version of the vehicle: And in case you are wondering: yes, it realy stands on two 2x2 studs and yes, that does mean that gravity is a myth ;-) For more images of this creation, please check it here. I've recently had the time and patience to put some of my work on camera recently, so you'll see more of my work in the coming weeks / months.
  10. HJR-Holland

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    That's €250? That? Seriously? Naah...
  11. Philo, it worked! This one's for you: ‎________$$$$ _______$$__$ _______$___$$ _______$___$$ _______$$___$$ ________$____$$ ________$$____$$$ _________$$_____$$ _________$$______$$ __________$_______$$ ____$$$$$$$________$$ __$$$_______________$$$$$$ _$$____$$$$____________$$$ _$___$$$__$$$____________$$ _$$________$$$____________$ __$$____$$$$$$____________$ __$$$$$$$____$$___________$ __$$_______$$$$___________$ ___$$$$$$$$$__$$_________$$ ____$________$$$$_____$$$$ ____$$____$$$$$$____$$$$$$ _____$$$$$$____$$__$$ _______$_____$$$_$$$ ________$$$$$$$$$$
  12. Hello Philo, cela fait longtemps... I use Ldraw version 3.40 but every time I open the file Ldraw stops completely, and I need to restart the programme... Edited the file by taking the first line out in editor, but again, when I start up it just freezes the programme completely...
  13. The file of LEGO set 7676 is currupt; does anyone have a link to the file that doesn't go directly the brickshelf file? Thanks
  14. HJR-Holland

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    As for the battle sets to appear next year, if you look at the HASBRO vehicles for next year it's not hard to speculate what kind of vehicles will come in them:
  15. HJR-Holland

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    I can already picture the development team at BanBao thinking 'hey, wait, shameless copying is OUR business!!' Come on LEGO, put a bit more effort in things! Couldn't you at least change a few colours in the set so it'd look just a bit different? There was a time you sold the same locomotive set and wagons in several colours, why not do that here as well?