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  1. well, at least i have a redcoat and knight outfit...

  2. danieleale

    REVIEW-Lego Universe Preorder package

    great review "pirate pete"! i got even the game too,with nexus force astronaut! (but it dosen't have the same face as the card and bag ) NOTE:if you were a beta tester,you dont need to download the game:inside the box there is a manual,go in back of the book and you will see a code,then go to this link:https://universe.LEGO.com/en-us/myaccount/default.aspx.in there you can put the unlockable minifig and the other code. have fun with lego universe!
  3. danieleale

    Review: 8404 Public Transport

    or maybe only a picture for how to attach rhe front window to the vehicle
  4. danieleale

    Review: 8404 Public Transport

    exellent review "bachus"! And please can you put a link to see the istructions? I want to make that tram.
  5. danieleale

    Star Wars The Quest for R2-D2; Full game now online

    the gun blaster cheat not works,but you can put clone helmet on a jedi too
  6. great moc,"dluders"!At least there are persons that are starting to make technic boats like one that make a boat with bionicle canisters
  7. danieleale

    Which part is this?

    i have that piece in black,and now know what to do with that until i have found it in my lego boxes
  8. danieleale

    hi,my name is...

    thanks "-zenn"!
  9. danieleale

    RULES Redcoat vs. Bluecoat Tournament of Retribution II RULES

    we can add only minifigs that have soldier torso?because i have only one in soldier torso,just add some that has a red torso like space police torso
  10. danieleale

    Tournament of Retribution II Official Signups

    name:daniele allegiance:redcoat!
  11. danieleale

    hi,my name is...

    hi,my name is danieleale, i'm from Venezuela but i live in Italy.I joined eurobricks because is good about the MOC's,pirates,sci-fi,town...Well,even because is cool show your inventions at all the world. Ah, and i have some questons:1 how do you become a redcoat or bluecoat? 2 how do you add the photo of your profile?