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  1. TheOrcKing

    What are you listening to?

    A powerful album from Dynatron. I find "Travelling The Wastelands" (28:27) emotionally powerful.
  2. TheOrcKing

    [MOC] Modular Building : Book Shop

    Very nice design with plenty of details abound.
  3. TheOrcKing

    The Man Who Sold the World

    Oh wow, the detailing is staggering. It seems odd to point out how well you did the ears but you did a great job with those ears. Awesome all-around.
  4. TheOrcKing

    REVIEW: 75828 Ecto-1 & 2

    Thank you for the nice review, Clone OPatra. Regardless of the license, I think this is a nice car in LEGO. While we did already have a hearse before with the Monster Fighters theme, that design was more of a sweet street machined hotrod whereas this (minus the ghost busting equipment) is closer to a real life hearse. The winged demon is wicked awesome, and I always welcome new hairstyles of which this introduces a few.
  5. TheOrcKing

    Ideas for CMFs

    A lot of great characters with potential to becoming official releases in my opinion such as the Holiday Elf Girl and Rapper Girl seeing how LEGO likes making companions to previously released ones. The troll is one I would need to acquire a bunch of obviously. Haha. Science fiction or fantasy personas are a must for me so the Galactic Traveler and Droid are a win.
  6. TheOrcKing

    Should LEGO bring back a dedicated space theme?

    I don't know about a dedicated Space theme however so long as LEGO does release an original line every couple of years then I will be content. While Star Wars is generally good and I can recall my initial excitement when the collaboration started back in 1999, sixteen years is enough to fatigue anyone even if they are a big fan of the films which are good, just not the only saga through space out there. Anyway my desires for an 'in-house' Space theme by LEGO aside from some fresh originality would be to see the many good translucent colors from the older astronaut teams return such as trans-green or trans-blue for example in the windscreens, antennas, etcetera. Lately almost all options have been restricted to trans-clear, trans-brown, and trans-black on windscreens which is alright in some cases especially realism yet those hues do not standout compared to the more vibrant tones used in years past. The likes of Futuron, Spyrius, or Ice Planet made a mark for their signature color schemes. I can understand LEGO's reasoning behind designing the sets to have clear-cut "good & bad" sides duking each other out as it was with Space Police III or Alien Conquest. However going back to basics of exploring the universe could be a good thing. Even better if they included otherworldly life forms as friendlies instead of the clich├ęd enemies bent on fighting, destruction, galactic conquest, or whatever it is this time. As mentioned, perhaps they could do something along the line of life in outer space. If LEGO is rather set in requiring an opposing faction then how about a group of space miners searching for rare ores across different worlds which inevitably leads to encounters with the local wildlife? Although I don't mind a few Space characters sporting the aviator type headgear, the regular biker's helmet or even the newer style helmet (Series 1 Spaceman) is preferred. Galaxy Patrol's spacemarine helmet is real cool but no visor option. Whatever the helmet, air tanks are a necessary accessory or at least I would like to be given the option to have one or not.
  7. TheOrcKing

    Who else here is into all sorts of themes?

    I'm up for every theme really. More heavy into some than others at times but enjoyable all the same. Just give me a few bricks for something to build. Ha-ha. Besides any displayed official set doesn't stay up for long before becoming assimilated into the parts collection for custom stuff. I guess to me sets are like Mr. Potato Head; a bucket of parts.
  8. TheOrcKing

    Power Miners - Lucky Day

    Now that is one big crystal.
  9. TheOrcKing

    Jetran'Rex, Steel Mercenary

    This is so awesomely menacing and those glowing eyes are like the cherry to top an already incredible character.
  10. TheOrcKing

    Tomik's Lego Creator MOC

    This topic is full of inspiration and shows there really isn't much limitation with using only a single set as the starting point. The animals such as the mouse, lobster, and orca are creatively spot-on. I also like how accurate the ride-on lawnmower is.
  11. Yeah, most of the wolves from Chima look like they would rather eat their patrons than serve them. Haha. Well except for Windra, the still only lady wolf of their tribe (that I know of), seems friendly enough.
  12. That's good to hear. Ah, so it just reads the original file made from LDD then saves as a completely new one. Cool.
  13. TheOrcKing

    Elves minidolls into minifigs

    It is too bad (based on personal tastes) LEGO went with their minidoll design over the traditional minifigure as these are some of the more interesting characters I have seen in a while but there is no mistaking how well they used the minidoll body frame to great effect. Even so I feel like you proved the designs could still have worked as a minifigure.