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  1. Munkay

    LEGO City 2012 - Possible new Fire Truck ideas?

    Hmm... How about a traditional hook and Ladder truck? The last time there was a lego version was well over 15yrs ago, so i think were about due.
  2. Where are from? Around here, (Western U.S.) we usually get a semester warning if a non essential program is going to be cut due to financial reasons.
  3. Munkay

    Transformers Prime

    Actually, this series has been widely accepted by G1 fans,as well as a wide range of TF fans alike. Its apparent your just stuck in the 80's and judging by your prior post concerning anything TF related, if its not G1 your just going to consider it "rubbish" anyways. I think this series is great. It combines Little bit of everything. G1, Animated, Beast wars, and the movies. Designs for the most part are done well. Megatron is a nice mix of G1 and animated, as is Optimus prime. Bulkhead is still clumsy, but takes a bit more serious approach. Not sure about Starscream. He look a little to feminine to me. And there take on Soundwave's "third party" voicing using his synthesizer is neat. I'd still rather hear him talk himself, but this take is at least out of the norm. Overall i think this series will do well. I hope we get a toy line soon.
  4. Munkay

    Any Formula 1 racing fans out there?

    Alright peeps. Last race of the season, lets hear your predations!!
  5. Munkay

    Star Trek (General Discussion)

    Hmm.... Well, I'll agree that Star Wars started and revolutionized space battles and special affects. In many ways first three movies (meaning the original three) were ahead of there time in terms of special affects. But taking alook at the last three movies (numerically the first three) they fail miserably in the special affects area. Which is a real shame because that's where Star Wars had the real edge of Star Trek. Now i believe S/T has the advantage now. As far as who has the larger fan base, your claim of S/W fans having a larger fan base is purely subjective. But one thing you must remember is that S/W has 6 movies and one (?) series under its belt While S/T has 11 movies, and 5 series. Also S/T started around more than a decade before the first S/W movie came out. Also the last 3 S/W movies were really a turn in the wrong direction for the franchise. If it weren't for the original 3 they would have been long forgotten. The last S/T movie was a huge step forward, as not only was it loyal in the eyes of the fandom (well, for the most part at least), but the general public to a real liking and it related to them that no other S/T film has in the past. For the first time you could watch a S/T movie, and no prior knowledge of the franchise and have a complete understanding of what was going on. Agreed. The acting in those movies was terrible and beyond corny. S/T defiantly has it beat in those departments. S/T has also always been story based with science as the key point. Now this made for far better stories IMO, but i have to admit the space battles in S/W overall were better. But to answer the OP's question.. Favorite series- TNG Favorite film- Star Trek 6 The undiscovered Country, and Star trek 4 the Voyage Home Favorite characters- Worf, Spock, Kirk, and pretty much the whole original cast. Episodes- Hmmm.. Well, to many to list, but if i had to pick one, it would probably be "Yesterdays Enterprise" for TNG series.
  6. Munkay

    Any Formula 1 racing fans out there?

    Wow! very intense opening Koren GP! 45 minute rain delay, crashes galore, and both red bulls with DNF's! Webber is really kicking himself. Just gos to show you; you need a little luck in racing. Hamilton still has a good chance of clenching the title away from Alonso and the Red Bulls, but it won't be easy. Alonso seems to get better each GP, and if the RB's can stay reliable, they might have it in the bag. Next two races are going to be sweet!
  7. Ya, i thought about that. Not sure if it would work since i think you have to provide some kind of proof of purchase.
  8. Hi there! Looking for a new unused sticker sheet for the latest Ferrari transport truck. Want i really need are the stickers pertaining to the truck (Striping, Scuderia Ferrari, prancing horse, Iveco, etc.) Not so much the car or figures. I know sometimes people will leave the stickers for the truck off, but might use the mini fig. decals. Will buy out right, or up for trades as well. Thanks for looking!
  9. Sigh.... There are no "issues" with the board in any way. The mods do this a couple times a year. They all change their usernames a bit, as well as avatar to Muppet's,Simpson's, Family guy etc. for either a day or a few hours. It then becomes a big thing with the newbies or people that don't know whats going on. The mods then play stupid when in fact there laughing behind closed doors. Frankly i don't see how this is any different than spamming. But whatever. Next thing you know each division of members (vassals, dukes, fellows etc) will be doing this as well.
  10. Munkay

    8479 Barcode Dump Truck

    Wow. Incredible! Like others have siad, your rendering looks beeter than Legos on the factory box! One question concerning the model... IS the rear axle "free floating" You mentioned there's no springs in the rear and it apears there is no solid conection to the chassis, with only a rear pivot point for a make shift suspension. Thanks!
  11. So it seems that TLG believes that even though people can see that there is a different name on the box, people still aren't smart enough to see that there buying a different product. Right. If this is true, its going to take alot more than a red 3D brick. Thats a bite different. Coca Cola has there name directly Incorporated with there logo. TLG does not. Personally, i really don't see someone recognizing only the 3D red brick as identification that there buying a product from TLG. people that aren't that familiar with Lego or clone brands automatically assume most building brick toys are Lego anyhow. I can't tell you how many times I've been shopping for Lego to see someone looking at Mega Blocks "halo" theme and saying "Hey cool! Lego Halo sets!" The addition or removal of a red 3D brick isn't going to change that. I don't think anyone is disputing that, but for the most part this thread has gotten wayyyy off the original topic.
  12. Sorry about that. After the second page i just clicked on the response button without seeing Front's post about the subject. Maybe thats what everyone else has been doing as well. Actually, you can only move on if you were partacking in the orignal discusion at hand. In this case, no one really has been disscussing the photo issue, but rather people still seem to be on the kick of this being an issue of selling clone brands next to LEGO products. So in reality, there isn't much point in going any further in the discussion regarding Lego vs. clone brands in terms of purchasing.
  13. Edit: Didn't read Fonts orignal post regarding the true meaning of this topic. Also, sorry for the double post.
  14. All the rally related ones are crazy. What cracks me up is the peoples reaction right after they nearly loose thier lifes. Many act like nothing even happened. But i wouldn't call them all "lucky". Many of those were staged.
  15. Munkay

    Lego vs playmobil...

    Well, your really comparing apples to oranges. There both toys aimed at children, but thats where the simularites stop. Lego is a complete building toy, as where paymobile is mostly fully contructed right out of the box. This doesn't mean that LEGO is better or vise-versa. It all depends on what the end user is looking to do. Lego is a complete building toy that can be taken apart and built into other things. were as Pay Mobil can not. BUt this also makes for a sturdier toy whitch can take more abuse. So in all, one might preffer one over the other, but i don't believe either is nessasarly better than the other.