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    Governor's Room - The Walking Dead

    @Nekchir: 2 more days to go before "Fear the Walking Dead" and we will both see the answer. :) @sunhuntin: I knew he was a bad megablocks but I must admit that he gave The Walking Dead one of the most interesting story arc. @Bugbot2008: Thanks for the kind words. :) @keyceycoe: Yeah I saw it too. When I was searching for an idea, it was their design that caught my attention. Here's another movie scene Zombie Horde Tsunami - World War Z by FrancisMatti, on Flickr
  2. Few days before the showing of FEAR the Dead, I decided to create an entry for PinoyLUG August MOC inspired by the "The Walking Dead" PinoyLUG August Theme is "Movie or TV Scene" C & C are accepted, Thanks for viewing Governor's Room - The Walking Dead by FrancisMatti, on Flickr
  3. Got mine yesterday morning. Thanks again to CopMike, Eurobricks and Families!!!
  4. francismatteo

    What environment should LEGO City Police patrol next?

    Desert Police like the one on the left
  5. Yehey!!! My kids love C3PO and the droids... Grats to all winners!!! Thanks CopMike :)
  6. francismatteo

    MOC: Black Friday - The Shopping Center

    @Zblj: yeah, zombies looking for fresh meat :) @dr_spock: no 42" TV this time of the year @jjava and @Colossus: Thanks for the kind words :)
  7. The Shopping Center - Outside by FrancisMatti, on Flickr The Shopping Center - Inside by FrancisMatti, on Flickr Comments are welcome, thanks for viewing. :) Album:
  8. Prize F is great for me :D. Hopefully I can get them.
  9. My wish for X-mas is Lechon for my family and friends. Thanks Copmike for another great raffle. :D
  10. francismatteo

    Modular Tea room

    Interior detail is great!!! Love it.
  11. francismatteo

    Overpriced Coffee Café

    Great design.. I'm looking for this idea since I saw Larry the barista. :)
  12. francismatteo

    MOC: Camping

    @ER0L: never tested an old 9 volt lights, but I'm looking for options that makes them a little dimmer. I also tried using the old christmas tree lights but it generated lots of heat. I'm afraid it might cause damage to my LEGO.
  13. francismatteo

    MOC: Camping

    I tried testing my LEDs with LEGO and here is the result... I hope you like it.
  14. francismatteo

    Avalonia City 2014

    Looks Awesome!!! I'll borrow your bank design. The bank reminds me of some building near our neighborhood. I think I'll need to get out more than setting in front of my PC :P
  15. francismatteo

    MOC: Camping

    @Hranfblod, @WooliestSteam and @LEGO Train 12 Volts: Thanks for your kind words :D @ER0L: as for LED's heat, they are cool enough that they are not causing any damage to my LEGO. I bought them in Electronic Supplies Shop at a very cheap price.
  16. francismatteo

    MOC: Camping

    @all: Thanks for the kind words. Here's another one for TTGAS February FLASH MOC TTGAS Flash MOC: Into the Woods, Wrong Treasure by FrancisMatti, on Flickr @JopieK: here are the tools that I'm using for the lighting effects. So sorry for the delay response.
  17. francismatteo

    [MOC] Calypso I, mini-sub

    My February MOC Calypso I Deep Sea Reconnaissance Unit Stealth capability Advance SONAR System All image set CALYPSO I on Flickr Thanks for viewing...
  18. francismatteo

    Octan Gas Station

    Amazing, very clean and unique :D
  19. francismatteo

    The PorkChop Shop

    Great design and very detailed exterior and interior. Truly EPIC!!!
  20. francismatteo

    Modular Asian Restaurant

    Wow!!! Love it. Great exterior and interior details.
  21. francismatteo

    MOC: Camping

    @all: Thank you guys... Kneecap Buster: I'm using 4 LED flashlights. No photoshop only lighting effects and proper timing :). Will post photos later. I'm planning also to tweak some bricks with LEDs.
  22. francismatteo

    Hello Eurobricks!

    I was here since June of 2010 but I never had the time to introduce myself. I'm an active member of PHLug (Philippines) and I'm into city and monsters theme. You can see my PHLug nameplate below My PHLug nameplate by Philippinoe, on Flickr Belated Happy New Year to all!!!! :D
  23. francismatteo

    MOC: Forest Police

    Please post this in your flickr :D
  24. francismatteo

    No LEGO logo

    Hello! I don't know if this is the right place to ask but recently I ordered items from a bricklink store and I noticed that some of the items didn't have LEGO logo on it. The items were minifig utensil axe and minifig utensil hand cuff. My question is, are these items fake? Thanks.
  25. francismatteo

    No LEGO logo

    Thank you for sharing your ideas/experiences guys. I know now that I'm not the only one with un-marked LEGO products. :)