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    Thank You. Yes if i remember correctly the cab is roughly 2 studs too tall
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    Volvo L120G

    Hi, this is My first time posting one of my mocs here on eurobricks, so please tell me if there are any kinds of improvements I need to do. If you have any questions please feel free to ask :) Now to my moc. As you can see by the title I have built a Volvo L120G wheel loader, I chose this model because it is the biggest road legal wheel loader hvere I live. The moc is made in scale 1:13.5 Features: - 4 wheel drive, with planetary hub reduction. on the front axle i used Effermans planetary gers, but in the rear i had to use my own design hence i don't have enough turn tables. I also made a pendular rear axle. - I used 2 linear actuators for steering. I found that small actuators were too weak for such a heavy model, so i had to use the large ones. I also went for the more realistic 2 cv joints in the articulation, it works really well and makes me able to have more steering angle with less wibrations. For the arms i had quite a struggle. the standard actuators is too long and still doesn't have enough travel, so I had to find a different solution. after hours of building and internet searching i saw someone use cable actuators on a hauler. but still i had to make them fit in a limited space and also have power both ways. I think the solution i found was great and it worked really well. on the next image you can see one of the cable drums. for the tipping I made the Volvo patented Torque Parallel linkage (TP-linkage) which gives it extra torque toward the steepest angles. For video Watch: For More Images: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=543677