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  1. alstda

    Lovely Sailboat

    Woah! Lovely little boat! I'm really loving the sails! ... time to pay Cuusoo a little visit
  2. alstda

    Pictures of my finished hospital

    I'm loving the detail of the different rooms! Are there any stairs???
  3. alstda

    MOC - BOC Gas & Gear (U.K.)

    Looking good tiger :)
  4. alstda

    2012 Friends Discussion Thread

    They should retry this idea - the cars look pretty sweet!
  5. alstda

    2011 City sets

    What kind of church would that be...?!?! I hope it's like paradisa but maybe less pink... When my sister gave up on LEGO she passed her paradisa stuff on to me! (and I still use some of it)
  6. alstda

    What was your first major City/Town building?

    My first set was 6539 Victory Cup Racers which is an awesome set that I still love to have on display (unless I need its parts of course!)
  7. alstda

    Best 2010 City set?

    For me it has to be the tanker - a simple, small(ish) set which is necessary in any city, big or small. It goes great with my truck station and my petrol station.
  8. alstda

    2011 City sets

    UK news - found a shop online ( that says it will have stock of the new police sets from the 16th. That's two weeks today! Link to police station at the online store: police station alstda
  9. alstda

    MOC: Club Diamond

    Haha! noticed one of the handles on your bike snapped off! same thing happened to one my sets many a year ago when my mum stepped on it!
  10. alstda

    2011 City sets

    I just had an idea... The van could do as a minivan and the rocket as a stolen missile by some terrorists (prince of Persia guys)! Any other pics?
  11. alstda

    MOC - Bobcat Skip Loader

    Cool model - design looks a bit like something out of the power miners series. Good to see that they might fit into a city....
  12. alstda


    The yellow 'Mitsubrickshi' has got to be my favourite. Well done!
  13. alstda

    New pics of LegoSjaakCity oct 2010

    Woah... creator house madness?!? Your row of townhouses put a feel of 'upperclass'-ness down one side of your city! Well done on your detailed city
  14. alstda

    Updated: 7993 Octan Service Station

    I like the way you have edited the station to have a back and also the sign on the road. I always have a problem with this set as it has to be connected to roads in three places and i might 'steal' your idea (if that's OK!). Your football goal looks pretty impressive too!
  15. alstda

    Minifigure hands - which way up?

    I just showed someone, who knows hardly anything about Lego, a minifigure with its hands orientated differently and she said the flat-topped, wider section up hand looked better. It's the way I have always done it and it almost seems non-politically correct to do so otherwise...