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  1. Here is a partial list: I haven't set prices because I haven't bothered to look at current values yet. If I list an engine (like Emerald Night) then I have the whole set and would prefer to sell it as a whole. PM me with a list of what you're interested in and we can figure a price that's fair to both of us. I will be updating this list as items sell. I do also have the Train Engine Shed for sale and more PF track (including the double crossover) that will be added to the list. Finally if you need baseplates I have a massive amount of green baseplates. I have tried to group the rolling stock with the appropriate engines Here is the list (I will keep it updated as things sell) .4533 Train Track Snow Remover PF Locomotives: 10219 Maersk Freight Train (x2) - 10219 Maersk Container Cars (x4) -- Each Set will include 2 Standard Containers and 1 Refigerated Container) 10194 Emerald Night - 10194 Passenger Car 3677 CITY Red Cargo Train 7938 CITY Passenger Train (Set of 2 Engines) - 7938 Passenger Car (x3) 7939 CITY Cargo Train (x2) RC Locomotives: 7898 Deluxe Cargo Train 9v Locomotives: 10001 Metroliner (Set of 2 Engines)- 10001 MetroLiner Passenger Car 10133 Burlington Northern Santa Fe Locomotive 10157 High Speed Train Locomotive - 10158 High Speed Train Car (x2) 4535 LEGO Express Deluxe (x2) Rolling Stock: 10002 Railroad Club Car (x2) 10013 Open Freight Wagon 10014 Caboose (x2) 10015 Passenger Wagon (x2) 10170 TTX Intermodal Double-Stack Car 10219 Maersk Container Cars (x2) 7938 Passenger Car (x2) MOC Maersk Design Container Cars (Black Base, Grey Accents) (x6)
  2. kyphur

    Hello from the past...

    I'm focused on moving forward. My oldest daughter just got married at the beginning of the month and my gift to them is the original Santa Fe Super Chief (the whole shebang). When I told her she was like, "but that's the heart of your collection" and she's right but I explained to her since they are both AFOLs they can either enjoy the awesome train or they can sell it to help with the down payment of their first home. I just know I would have trouble selling g that train myself. I am also looking forward to the new builds. Not sure if I'll buy any F the new official trains or just become a MOC train guy...
  3. kyphur

    Hello from the past...

    Hey guys, I hope a few of you still remember me, it's been over 2 years since I've posted here. As you may remember things in my personal life went south on me and I ended up putting my Lego in storage while I figured out what's next for me. Well here I am, divorced and the little guy who used to enjoy my trains with me is no longer in my life because him mom has decided to be spiteful ND punish me but I don't want to get into that. I still love trains but sadly can't pull out the trains he used to run with me because they remind me of him too much. I'm just now getting to the point where I can deal with the trains that I have. At the point I have 3 goals: 1. I have previously started designing a train museum that would go on my layout but that massive layout will probably never happen. I still want to do the museum in honor my little guy Gabby. I will resume this project with the classic trains I got from another member here. It will be designed to fit on a set of 3 x 3 baseplates and once completed I will donate it to a Lego Train Club. 2. Build my modernized version of my favorite train, The Santa Fe Super Chief. I will be redesigning it 8 wide and modern colors, ncluding versions of all of the official engine and cars. I will also do a "B Engine" and Pleasure Dome. 3. This is probably the hardest one. I will liquidate my official train sets. There is just too much emotional baggage attached to them so I can't bring them out of storage to enjoy. I never understood collection something to just hide it away so I'd rather see it all go to good homes where it will see the light of day and bring smiles to people. I the coming days I'll post a thread in the Bey, Sell & Tread forum. Sorry for my absence, this is a great group of people and I have missed all of you.
  4. Final Small Hulk is taken. Please close this thread.
  5. I'm down to my last Small Hulk Fig: Still sealed. I may also have a New Nick Fury MF. Here are the SW MiniFigs I want: Astromechs: R2-R7 & R5-F7 Emperor (gray head) I am needing a couple of pieces from AreaLight, Printed Jango Fett helmet & backpack. Either PM me or post here and let's see if we can trade...
  6. kyphur

    MOD: Big Rigs

    It's always bothered me that TLG uses the same wheels for Semis and regular cars but then occasionally you'll see vehicles with these very large wheels os I finally decided to rework the semis to use larger wheels and even have dual wheels where appropriate.These designs are based off 7848 - Toys R Us Truck and 60018 - Cement Truck.I have 3 different cabs:1. "Cab-Over", where the driver sits above the engine (the cab tilts forward for engine access.2. Engine Forward Day Cab.3. Engine Forward Sleeper Cab.The first 2 only have a single drive axle sporting Duel wheels but the Sleeper has tandem axles with Duel wheels.I've also started working on converting some trailers. So far I have a Container Trailer that fits 2 Maersk Containers and a basic LowBoy. I do want to make a few more trailers such as a Car Hauler, Tanker and Standard Box Trailer. I'm also thinking of making a rig (HuckePack) for hauling another Semi or two as seen in this pic: Here is the set on Flickr CLICK HERE and some of the pics:Big Rigs - 1 by Kyphur_Trains, on FlickrTrailers - 1 by Kyphur_Trains, on FlickrTrailers - 2 by Kyphur_Trains, on Flickr
  7. Here is my tentative track layout for the Train Museum: The Gray 32 x 32 Baseplate will house the Museum Building. The Blue 32 x 32 Baseplate will house the Repair Shop. I will have to modify 3 Switches. I can either use Flex Track or also modify 2 Straights and 1 Curve to accomplish this layout. The Blue Track will hold static displays of Rolling Stock
  8. It will be a scaled down version of that, the track will come in one side and the heavy crane will only traverse side to side (from track to work area). My plans are as follows: A double loop in front of the Museum building. There might be a line connecting to the main loop of the layout. Ther will be a frieght train sitting on the out loop and a passenger train running on the inner loop (for patrons to ride). Extra rolling stock will be on display in the middle of the loops (on short detached tracks). The Museum building will be 3 stories based on the modular buildings. First floor will have a back wall that is a window into the work shop with static displays of 1 wide model trains. Second floor will have more displays. Third floor will have offices. There will be a siding from the front loops to the work shop around back. The work shop will have an overhead crane and 2 work bays. I hope to have room for a small attached tool shed. For realism ther will also be a "bone yard" of parts next to the work shop.
  9. It will be a "modern" building with the interior designed to accommodate the classic trains housed in the Museum. I'm thinking there will be a viewing window (glass wall) separating the shop from the museum while allowing patrons to observe the work happening within.
  10. Here is the beginning of my Classic Trains Collection: Starting at the top of the first image here is what I have: Rail 1: 122 Locomotive, 181Locomotive, 182 Locomotive Rail 2: 183 Crane Wagon, 182 Red/Yellow Passenger Wagon,181 Tender, 122 Tender Rail 3: Hopper Wagon from 181, Flat bed Wagon from 132, Vehicle Wagon from 167 Rail 4: MOC Caboose styled like 131 Wagon, 131 Passenger Wagon, 131 Passenger Wagon, 167 Vehicle Wagon Rail 5: 182 Blue Passenger Wagon, 137 Blue Sleeper Wagon, MOC Observation Wagon styled like 182 Blue Passenger Wagon I want to publicly thank our own RoamingStudio, everything except the 181 Train set came from him and he cut me a very good deal (better than I deserve) for the lot. On top of that he included a fair bit of blue track and spare parts. There is a little bit of repair needed here and there (nothing major). Eventually these trains will reside in the Train Museum I'm planning for my massive layout. A recent addition to the Museum plans is the Train Repair Shop which will be officially name "Roaming Studio" with the Shop Manager/Foreman being a Minifig named Marc. The shop will be attached to the rear of the main building with a siding track attaching it to the main loops in front. I hope to begin designing the Museum in the next couple of months.
  11. kyphur

    Where to buy passenger/cargo in stores?

    Toys r us carries them in store.
  12. Just a quick update: replacement parts have started to arrive! Once the repairs and part clean-up is done I'll post updated images.
  13. kyphur

    LDD MOC: Winter Village Snowplow Rail Truck

    At first glance it looks good but... From a practical stand point I don't like it as a rail vehicle. First, when road vehicles are modified to run on rails it's generally done by adding rail wheels that lower/raise. I know there was at least one exception where a bus or box truck was modified to work as a rail vehicle and there are probably more examples but it really is impractical. Second, I just don't see this being practical as a snow removal tool for a rail line. If the snow is light enough for this to push it then a locomotive would have no difficulty just heaving through. If the snow is heavy enough to hinder a locomotive then this little guy ain't moving it. Don't get me wrong, its a neat concept just not practical.
  14. I think I need to talk to you about buying some things from you like a 131-1 Passenger Coach (or 2) and a short 4.5v train base if you have an extra one. What I'm leaning towards right now is: Polyurethane the original stickers in place and park the original set on a siding to only run occasionally. Build a "Modern Classic" version of the Train by copying the basic design/shape but use PF wheels, couplers, electrics and reproduction stickers. I would also update the roof design so the passenger car(s) open for easier access to the seats. This would then sit on the Museum's main loop and be the daily rider. For this plan I'm going to need to get some switches/points; 2 for sidings and if I choose to connect the Musuem loop to a main line a 3rd one.
  15. kyphur

    4.5V to 9V Track Solution

    I'm only guessing here but it looks like this solution won't work if you lay your track over baseplates as one side or the other would now be offset by a half stud. I agree the solution is a nice option though.