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  1. morgan3

    Picture Comment Challenge - Counting up the votes

    Cameron James Wright - after jack was attacked for his fish he made a premimter of fire to keep back the zombies. this is the day you almost stloe jack sarrows fish
  2. morgan3

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Hey guys if yur in the usaright now the total is $471 dollars plus tax so good luck
  3. morgan3

    Eurobricks: Strategic change!

    arpil fools yur all fools hk wont ever take over lego
  4. morgan3

    REVIEW: 8803 LEGO Minifigures Series 3

    So guys my brother alredy has the complete series and i have 8 not to trade but the ones i have are the elf, the chief, the samuri, the piolt, the racer, the gorilla, the ailien and the hula girl. and i got 5 of them from walmart the other 3 from toysrus.
  5. morgan3

    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean video game

    I have also heard that its for the nitendo wii also
  6. morgan3

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    ok i vote for in the catagory a 39, 12, 28
  7. morgan3

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    we might eat frogs but you have crabs. ha ha
  8. morgan3

    Tournament of Retribution II Official Signups

    morgan 3 alince blue coats
  9. 1. no because I like sets that come withmini figs 2. indvilul because some sets are to exprinivse 3. the great wall of china or the Colosseum. 4. I would like to see the big britsh fort for the pirates theme. 5. how come you are discoutine the pirates theme.
  10. morgan3

    Tournament of Retribution II Official Signups

    Down with the red coats up with the blue coats :pir-skull: so blue coats you got morgan 3 surrport user name morgan 3 alinnce bluecoats